lodging/camping on the sky of stilly

I'm gonna be in WA Sept. 12-14 to swing flies with a two hander. Can anyone tell me a good place to stay or camp that is cheap and close to the rivers? I'm guessing I'll be fishing the Stilly and Sky, but I'm not locked in. I saw that some of the NFS campgrounds are closed from last Nov.'s floods. Thanks for any help.



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There's a campground at Squire Creek on the NF Stilly. I haven't been there in many years, but it was nice when last I saw it. I don't know about any campgrounds on the Sky, but there are a bevy of motels in Monroe and Sultan.
There are two on the sky that might work. Near hwy 2 -- Money Creek campground just before the town of Skykomish and Beckler river campground about a mile or so past the same town. Tight Lines!:rofl:


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I camped at squire creek 5 years ago. It is a standard camping situation but the ranger guy was a booze nazi. If you enjoy firing back beverages while poking the fire as much as I do, then buy cups. Also if you are gonna pay that much to get out here, buy a gazateer so you can plan. the campgrounds will be marked. I hope that you guys starting pitching imroves.

Another problem with Squire Creek Campground besides booze Nazis is that it is adjacent to the Darington Logging Grounds or whatever they are called. There are huge summertime events there frequently. Several times I have gone there and the campsite was full so cross your fingers.
There is a campground on French Creek, just up from the Stilly, and of course there is the one by Clear Creek on the Sauk just out of Darrington.

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This guy is coming from Milwaukee,Wisconsin If you try to give him too many places away from where he wants to fish would just suck if he tried to find them in his short time here..

If I was him I would just stick to one river or several in the same area. Trying to drive to the Stilly from the Sky could turn somebody new here into knots.



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Since the Stilly and the Sky are about an hour's drive from one to the other, I'd suggest you pick one of them and only fish it instead of trying to drive back and forth from one to the other. In mid-September, I'd recommend the Sky over the Stilly because it is a much bigger river, it has a very good coho (silver salmon) run, which will just be getting going, is going to have a huge run of pink (humpy) salmon (they will be at their peak), and a good summer run steelhead run of hatchery and wild fish.

The Sky has good motel lodging available in Monroe and Sultan, and the upper Sky has the Money Creek Campground.
Two more cents - agree the Sky is the better option. The campgrounds mentioned, Beckler and Money Creek, are upstream of where most two handed fly fishing goes on - they are above Sunset Falls but if you want a nice location to camp vs. stay in a hotel the Beckler River CG is you best choice. Money Creek can be noiy due to location between train tracks and highway. If you want to maximize time on the water, I'd consider a hotel near Monroe.

Have a nice time.


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Money Creek is LOUD!!! I camped there last year just for a weekend out of the city...it was like pitching a tent in Grand Central Station. Trains heading into and out of Auburn nearly every 20 minutes on Friday and Saturday morning. Although nothing helps you get up for first light like a 100 car freight train passing by 40 yards away at 5 AM!