Point-No-Point 8/12/07

Luke Ramirez

Still DoubleUgly
After many no fish days in the salt I finally hooked into some beautiful salmon this afternoon. I was fishing PNP from around noon to 4 today and managed to pick up 3 pink salmon. The first was a beautiful bright wild salmon of about 20 inches. The next two were small little guys, about a foot long but they sure put a smile on my face!! There were probably about 20 gear guys and maybe 5 FF-ers working the shore. The gear guys didn't seem to be hooking up too much. The guy that I fished next to all day was doing really well: He caught 2 nice pinks and a good sized silver too! If you're out there reading this, thanks for the help today!

A couple of the gear guys did pick up some gigantic Kings though, which they of course released. I felt like maybe I could have kept that one big pink and put him on the BBQ, but somehow that would of ruined it!

When I arrived the tide was low and just about to turn over. I fished the incoming tide with a sparsely tied pink clauser minnow. I had my 8wt with a full sinking tip on. A 6 or 7wt would have been about perfect...