The Pink run is over

Matt Burke

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For the salt, I think, but check out my theory. I have noted that pinks caught in the salt all seem to be small, few and far between. Not like two years ago. Last night in the news they reported this has been the fifth wettest summer on record. In Oct. of 2005, there was a major flood (see graph).

So, this is what I think. What pinks there were came through at the beginning of August this year because Oct. of 2005 wiped out the redds that hadn't gone to fruition. Being a wetter year the pinks came early, headed straight for the snohomish and the only thing left of the run will trickle in over the next two weeks but at way less than the numbers for 2005.

What do you think? Head up my ass trying to make excuses again?


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It sounds reasonsable. But I do hear of reports that the pinks are in some areas pretty thick, but just not cruising the beach lines like they did before for some reason.

But the fish are definately already up and down the sky. On Friday, I saw fish in every pool from the sultan launch down to monroe, and know there were even thicker from there down to the salt. Not massive numbers yet, but they were there. So it does seem they moved in pretty fast.
I'll bet we can still catch them, but it will be ones and twos. Nothing like 2 weeks ago (down south).

Wow - It's incredible how fast a few weeks can go by. It was fun!

Willie Bodger

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It's still odd that we never really had the action up north that happened down south. Yet the fish are in the rivers already, so there is really no arguing there...

Matt Burke

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It's still odd that we never really had the action up north that happened down south. Yet the fish are in the rivers already, so there is really no arguing there...
My theory only applies to the Snohomish drainage. But, I think the Skagit system got nailed too in 2005. You'd have to do the research to be sure.
I don't know where they're headed but, the pinks are thick at Neah Bay right now.
Some friends limited in about 20 minutes Sunday AM. They headed home with full coolers after several days of non stop action.

Patience Grasshopper.
Not impatient. Just that this year's run seems a little off. There are enough to make it interesting. It's just more fun to experiment with different presentations (pink poppers, indicator with a pink shrimp, etc.) when there are a boat load like 2005 off the salt beaches near the snohomish.


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I hope someday we get a run of 3 million coho in the sound. You won't have anyone worried about where the pinks are then ;) .

agent montana

This Must be a sickness!! MARINATE!!!
I think they are in the water swimming somewhere and at night when we all sleep they go to where they are trying to get....Maybe its still early...Maybe it's done...Hell I was at Thomas's Eddy on Sunday morning and barely anything even happening there as well..Either way something is happening cause it feels more like an even than odd year...


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Everyone and their mom around me were catching them this morning...

Maybe there are a few left!!:)
If you are talking about Browns Pt, you are being litteral when you say "and their mom". There has been a 60 yr old granny out there (Russian I think) chucking buzz bombs in her skirt and knitted scarf each time i've been down there...