Kodiak + Afognak + Kenai, AKA The Usual


Proud to Be Alaskan
I just got back from my anual Kodiak trip, this year I visited Kitoi Bay Hatchery on Afognak Island where my lovely girlfriend worked. Here are the first set of pictures!

Happy Bear (notice all the fish tails)

Cost Recovery Operations to run the Hatchery

Basically they get hired by the hatchery to catch a lot of fish, about half the run (5 million pinks in this case) and get a percentage of the catch as the the hatchery and processor

Here they are making a 250,000 pound set (about 60,000 fish in that net)

My first rockfish on a fly rod

Decent Black Bass, I caught several, some pinks and hooked into a lingcod which was mean and bent the hook

Went to Kodiak Island and probably caught a hundred of these little guys

Dolly Varden and Globug, The Quinessential Alaskan August Connection

Took the ferry back to homer and had to stop at the russian of course
A smallish rainbow

A hog I snuck up on, but couldn't get to hit

My girlfriend with a nice bow

Pictures should focus on the fish, not my ugly self right? :p (22 incher BTW)

Average fish

Arielle with a 22 inch snake, I mean dolly

Yes I know I'm a lucky bastard, you all can come fish with me some time!


Man, those are some nice fish. How did ya get the photo of the fish under the water? Was it waterproof digital?
Anyway congrats, i'm dying to get to Alaska, it's so expensive, and even from Seattle.