Baker Lake

I'm going up to Baker Lake this weekend with a bunch of guys and I was wondering if anyone has been up there lately fishing? Most of the guys are going to be bait fishing but I really want to try Fly Fishing up there. Keep in mind, this will be my first time out Fly Fishing so take it easy on me. ;)
while you're there take a look at the floating salmon hatchery being built. you can see it from the upper dam (go left instead of right at the campground on Baker Dam road) supposed to be operational by fall and they hope to restore salmon runs into the lake and Baker River. That will also build trout populations tremendously by the time I'm 90 or so. :rofl: Try Depression Lake just below the dam. It holds some decent trout, some years more than others. That lake is formed by water seeping under the upper dam and it's then pumped back up into Baker. Great views right around there.


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A few years ago I fished the bay at Panarama Point about this time of year real early in the morning with a sink tip and black wooly bugger. I picked up a couple of decent sized rainbows. The bay is fairly shallow and covered with big stumps. I lost a few flies and I have never been able to repeat the catch in later visits.


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From my experience, Baker Lake can be very hit or miss. There are some areas which tend to hold fish on a regular basis but not always and you have to cover a lot of water to check each of them to find fish. The nice thing about the lake is you never know when you're going to catch a ding or something big.

Depression fishes well and is more consistent.


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If I were you, I'd fish some of the inlets and outlets on Baker. If you're not finding fish, move to depression. Fish the drop off along the rock bank separating Baker Lake and Depression. I've always found fish there.