Area 10 Beach report & SRC

Nutty Squirrel

Says: Smoke Salmon not Crack
Fished my local Area 10 Seattle beach this morning with stiff North wind & first coat of snow on the Olympics. I was targeting Silvers but ended up catching and releasing a large 19"-20" SRC using Leland's Popper (my first sizable SRC)! I have caught some smaller Cutties but nothing like this!

The experience was textbook just as Leland has described it in his posts & articles. The leader had just hit the end rod guide at the end of my retrieve when all of a sudden a bolt streaked toward the popper and hit it hard just 8' away from my feet. After two or three lighting fast runs parallel to the beach I got it on the reel and the fish ran a few more times in slightly deeper water. At first I thought I had a small silver on due to it's size and was suprised to see it was a large cutt. Good times indeed! The only thing that could have topped the morning would be catching those elusive Silvers to take home for BBQ.
NS, good job and actually you probably had more fun with the large SRC than you would with a silver. I have landed and hooked quite a few and besides an initial surface thrashing, I don't get much of a fight out of them. I can't wait to hit a 17lb one, vs the 3-5lbs ones that I have caught.