Whatcom county beaches

Has anyone had any success fishing for silvers from any beaches up here of late? I have ventured out several times up near the refinery and have come away without even seeing a fish. Wrong timing on my part?
I saw a few nice ones last year around that time. Mostly they were jumping out in the kelp beds (this year I have a row boat). I caught one there and that was it; and it was a blackmouth anyway. I'm looking forward to fishing out there soon.
Unfortunately, Bellingham has few beaches suitable for fly fishing. One of them is in Fairhaven. Park at the city park at the foot of Harris Avenue. Take your waders and hike about a third of a mile south on the railroad line. (Posted, but unpatroled; for your safety, stay alert.) Just before a peninsula with a few trees, the bottom is a nice, almost level, rocky shoal. Wade out and cast away.