$32 Ebay Fly Line Winders--Review

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by ceviche, Sep 24, 2004.

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    For those of you still pondering getting a fly line winder/cleaner, I think I found the best deal around. These line winders are like those traditional ones that accordion into an X-shape, clamp onto the edge of a table, and have the crank on the side (looks like a yarn winder...). The one I bought through Ebay isn't as refined or as lightly constructed as the ones you can get from your local fly shop, but it works in the same manner and costs a lot less. In other words, if weight is an issue, don't get this one. If cost is, then this might be your ticket. To find the winder on Ebay, apply the search term (duh!) "fly line winder." Oh, the $36 doesn't include the shipping charge. I think I ended up paying around $40.

    BTW, this posting isn't meant to be a "Product plug" or an ad. I just figured that there are probably many, like myself, that have been looking for a winder but held out because of cost.

    Here's the link, so you can view for yourself.