Thinking About Archery

I'm thinking about taking up archery again. It's been 30 years or so, but I remember it as a sort of single-focus, "zen" thing. Ought to work with my current mindset. I've looked at compound bows and they are not appealing to me. Too mechanical with all those cams and things. I've done some searching on the internet and found that the Fred Bear company has been resurrected and sells new recurve bows from $800 - $1,200. Gasp! They're gorgeous, but I'd rather spend that kind of money on a bamboo rod. Found several other current makers that look promising. E-Bay has older ones, too, and they seem to be dirt cheap. I'd probably looking for a three piece bow. I see some with fiberglass tips. Don't know if those proved to be superior to wood or not. Probably looking for something in the 40 lb. draw range to get started. Anybody else been down this road? I would appreciate any advice you might have.

I came across Black Widow Bows in my internet search. A little too spendy at this point. OTOH, the Sapphire Archery site looks interesting. Thanks for the tip. Looking for a bulletin board tonight for archers.

You are a wealth of information! Thanks for the link.


Another good reason to visit the PNW. Beautiful bows. I'll try to stop by the next time I'm on Camano Island to visit family. I had hoped that we would be up there for Thanksgiving, but it's not looking too good now.


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I have been bow hunting with recurve longbow and sometimes compound for thirty some years. I really enjoy shooting and find it to be relaxing. I have a few bows made by Martin Archery and they are located in Yakima.The guy who runs the business is a great guy and he will give you a tour of the small factory and you can see firs hand the bow making process. Good shooting bow for the price. You can pick up a used model hatfield or hunter recurve for around $200. Try or
The quest continues.

I knocked off work a little early today to visit the only archery range in town. It turns out they are compound bow specialists. Although they have a few recurves, the shop's owner referred me to a shop up the road toward Denver that specializes in traditional archery.

Interestingly enough, the shop's owner and one of his associates are both fisherman. We had an interesting discussion about how archers tend to fly fish and play golf as well. Wing shooting wasn't mentioned, but I would think that correlates as well.

I'm amazed at the number of bow makers in Washington. I haven't found any in Colorado yet, but they must be there.