Wallowa River and Lake

Headed for E. Oregon in the morning for a fishing trip with a little biz thrown in to make it legit.
Planning on fishing the Wallowa river and lake.
Anyone have particular spots or flies they recommend?
There are supposedly some October caddis around but other than that just planning to nymph the river and who knows what for the lake.


Jon Brengan

flyfishing addict
I was there in late september - fished the lake mostly up by the campground - used a pink fly on a sinktip. There's quite a drop off just off shore, I just worked the fly up off the bottom, let it drop, up and down to the shore - I got several nice fish in the 13-18" range. There's some spots on the river just up from where Nimen river (not sure if that's the name) dumps in - nice looking water, we didn't get to fish it since we were pressed for time. I tied up an assortment of foam hoppers with yellow, tan, and orange foam strips and rubber legs - these are an easy tie. Mostly its about creating a big fly form that floats. Caddis should be coming off too, try that - I really enjoyed Joseph area - really beautiful. I could live there someday. Have a great time.