1st time 6x7


Piscatorial predilection
My eldest son, Mike, went on his first, ever, elk hunt this year, he just got back home last night.

The trip it's self was free through business connections, so even though he really didn't think he could take the time away from his business, he decided to go.

Mike took a borrowed 30.06 with a 4x scope. After he got there he shot it four times to sight it in. The second day out he shot a 6x7 bull at 230 yards, one shot it went down!

The group he was with, eight guys, had put $200 each into the pot for the biggest and first elk, well Mike took 'em both with his animal. That $1600 paid for mounting, processing the meat and tipping the guide....how's that for cool?

Any way here is the picture he sent.