Taos NM

Went down to see the new grandson but managed a couple of days to fish for a while. The Rio Grande itself was off for some reason, nobody catching nothing. I tried a couple of smaller tribs, the Rio Hondo and the Rio Pueblo. Both are very small streams with lots of small waterfalls and pocket water. The Hondo treated me best and I caught 8 browns all under 12", but quite acceptable for the first time on a stream. The Pueblo was not so kind, less overgrown than the Hondo and almost twice as big, it is a pretty brutal stream to fish with huge boulders and very brushy, thorny banks. Crawl over boulders, crash through thorny brush, fish a hole, repeat. On top of that the fish were just not very active that afternoon and I only caught 2 browns. Still it's a very senic area and I enjoy catching browns. I have to keep reminding myself that I was mostly there for the baby anyway. The first of many trips to that area, gotta try the cimmaron next time down and maybe hike into the box although that 8000 feet in altitude is kinda hard on us lowlanders in our 50's.
Thanks to the guys who volunteered info on the area before my trip! some photos in my gallery. :cool:

Where did you fish the Rio Grande? Too bad you didn't have any luck there, but at least you found some fish. Lots of interesting places to explore, aren't there? I didn't think about the altitude being a factor. It does take some getting used to. We're nearly 1,000 feet higher in elevation here, so I don't think much about it anymore. However, when we go to Washington state, I always feel incredibly fit. Thanks for the report.
Fished the Rio Grande near the John Dunn Bridge and down in Orillo Verde. Spoke with a several guys batting 0 or 1-2 on both ends and the fly shop in Taos was also getting dismal reports. Everyone was somewhat mystified since October is usually a great month. Weather was unstable ranging from snow to short sleeve weather while I fished. A two day snapshot can be distorted. I certainly enjoyed fishing the Hondo. I think I could have refished that same section the next day and caught 20-30 browns once I understood the water better. However it was an exploratory trip so I opted for the Rio Pueblo the second day. Great area to fish overall.

I know the area around the John Dunn bridge and suspected that's where you were. Here's a tip that I picked up from the local Scott rep. There are some big pike in that stretch. Take the 8 weight next time and swing a big bunny leach just below the bridge. The rep indicated that when the water is clear, you can actually see the pike stacked up from the bridge.
Tony, thanks for sharing. Did you go with the red or the green :). I plan on fishing the 'Holy Waters' below Eagles Nest or Forbes Ranch next time I'm there. Let me know when your headed up next.

thanks for the trip report. Spent a year and a half down there. I liked it but missed all that washington has to offer. The weather is great down there though always was able to find something to do outdoors. "Red or Green" lol... I never liked the Chile's much. Great Mexican food though.
i've always loved the green, but i did almost choke a couple of times. My wife is of latino blood though its mixed with norse and serbian via alaska. so no stranger to red or green. best food i had actually was a chicken burrito in the albuquerque airport, geez it was hot though. I'll keep those pike in mind. I'll definitely be near the bridge again as I really enjoyed fishing the hondo and those little browns.