Snagging Chums at Curley Creek

A friend, Chris Bentsen and I made a tour of the Kitsap Peninsula yesterday looking to make a cast or two over a coho or chum. There weren't many within our range. On the way home we stopped at Curley Creek as the tide was about halfway out. At the throat of the creek where it spills into Yukon Bay under the bridge there were six or seven men engaged in a free-for-all snagfest on the ascending chum. They were armed with spinning outfits and either large Buzz Bombs or heavy spoons. As most of you probably know, Curley Creek is small, so casts were short pitches deliberately dropped over the nearest chum's back and then the hook was set with the "snagger's sweep".
The chum was dragged up onto the beach and the hook ripped from its side, sometimes as it was pinned to the gravel by the guy's foot. Then it would be uncerimoneoulsly kicked back into the creek. The scene was disgusting and certainly not done in the true spirit of catch-and-release fishing.
I called WDFW upon returning home. I would really like to see these guys nailed to the wall. In addition, I would like to see a strong public information effort made by WDFW to get the word out to everyone, not just about the legal ramifications of such "fishing" but the ethics of it. I doubt if it would affect the behavior of the neanderthals at Curley Creek yesterday but it might be a start.
Les Johnson


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Burley/Curley creeks are in the regulations proposals to close the end of October to protect wild steelhead. This could also help in keeping the chums from being harrassed in future seasons.
It really disgusts me to see all the things people do to chums. From snagging them to attempting to land them on 5 weights. People treat them like junk fish, which they are not!

Some of the real "winners" come out of the wood work to "fish" for chums. If you see people doing something illegal, CALL THEM IN!
I don't expect the location of any "hot spots", but can anyone tell me some good rivers/creeks for chum on the Kitsap Peninsula? I moved into a house in Gig Harbor (a week ago) after moving back to the northwest from Chicago. I grew up in Olympia so I don't really have much knowledge of the waters in the KP area. I realize the topic of this thread refers to the morons that have no respect for the amazing resources that our fisheries are here in the NW, but I thought I would ask since Les mentioned he was fishing the KP. Thanks.

Hi Les I was up there with BOB from patricks, we watched the situation's sad. They snag everything. I watched a chinook get murdered it was horrible. They snag and keep and it's wrong...soon we will only be fishing for dog fish and perch.
I hope that you or Bob turned them into the WDFW. It is important to turn these bozos into the law or they'll never quit. Remember, it is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. Sportfishers need to be calling WDFW nonstop when we see these situations.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
That really sucks. Maybe about 50 of us should go down there and kick their asses and break all their gear, ha ha. If it weren't for the legal complications, I'd be more than willing to take my ol' Louisville Slugger and go do this....turn their snagging gear to rubble and put a little hurt on 'em. Imagine gangs of vigilante sportsmen going around and cleaning up this scum. But, it ain't doable... too bad, as it seems that Johnny Law can't stop 'em.
So much for conquering hero daydreams.
If I lived anywhere nearby, I'd go down and photograph or videotape them in action and record
all of the license #s of the vehicles parked there. Put the heat on 'em.
Lowering ourselves to vigilante status wouldn't be on my agenda. However, calling in violations should be a top priority. When taking photos, you want to make sure that you send in the license of a violator, not some guy fishing legally, or a car parked innocently nearby. We need to put the pressure on violators by putting pressure on WDFW. For starters, all public fishing areas should have a "No Snagging" sign in place by WDFW along with related information. And we sure need added enforcement.
Les Johnson
I was just there this afternoon and witnessed the same pathetic snagfest. Called it in (left message) and will again on Monday when WDFW is actually "open" and receiving calls. Nobody answers the poaching hotline on the weekend for budgetary reasons I'm sure (too bad). It was pretty depressing. My girlfriend was with me and was appalled and we left with a pretty bad taste in our mouths. We both commented how it didn't even look like any of these guys were even enjoying themselves. It was like a contest to see how many fish could be dragged out into the sand and then kicked back into the water. I saw one guy talking on his cell phone while kicking a fish up the beach that he was keeping after he foul hooked it in the back. There were even Neanderthals sitting on the bridge above the creek directing where to chuck their giant buzz bombs into the fish. The worst part of all for me was that more than half of the 30 guys there were under 20 years old. I hope WDFW makes their presence known there as it seems that at least these younger guys could stand to learn a little something and still might change their behavior in the future if they simply learned that their behavior was illegal.
I use to live just down the road from curley cr. and fished it's tribs quite often. It has gotten worse and worse over the years starting especially last year. Fish and Game are well aware of the problem. One of the officers I know had made a hint of under covers being down their this year. Whether it happened or not I don't know. As the tide goes out there is a nice spit to the left of the creek where a lot of chum can be found. I use to fish this spot a lot but now it has been taken over by the snaggers. Around the corner from curly creek can be good as well (around from the old boat) but unless you can spey cast (which I can't) it's pretty hard fishing. It's really too bad because it does get a nice chum run as well as a silver run. Although the silver run the last two years has been pretty bad. Really the best way to fish their now is from a boat. Believe me Les fish and game are well aware of the problem. But they'll show up one day, and no more than a few hours after they leave everybody will be back at it. I'm surprised you only saw 6 or so people fishing that way. I've been down their and seen 20-30 fishing under the bridge and on the beach to the left of the creek. It's really shame. What people don't know (or don't want to take the time) is the fish will bite. I've hooked into chum on the spit I was talking about and people look dumbfounded when I catch fish! I get comment like, "maybe I should start fly fishing" as if it is the only way your gonna catch fish down their. I've been down their only once or twice this year and really have all but given up on curly creek. I agree w/ you fish and game need to do more in enforcing it down their. BTY last time I was down their I didn't even bother to fish but in the 20. min I was there I did see two fellows drifting herring under a floatand watched both hook up on fish. They were almost at the old boat on the outgoing tide. Can you tell this is a real sore and personal subject for me???!!!
One more thing I have only seen a few other fly guys fishing down their and I can see why. It's very discouraging with what goes on. Sometimes I wish 20 or 30 of us could get together and take the whole damn place over!!! Ok I'll get off my soap box now.


"Chasing Riseforms"
Good for you Les. I called WDFW for another location last week. I think if they get enough phone calls, they might get on the stick. The squeaky wheel does sometimes get the grease. I hope.
I live right down the street and quit fishing there from shore because of all the retarded people there, only fish from boat there now but it is a truly ugly scene. Almost as ugly as the indians netting it at night. I have seen alot of enforcement there driving past in mornings and evenings. there are other areas around the area that the salmon mill at low tide that arent infested with inbreeded people casting 6/0 trebles with 2 1/2 inch buzz bombs and leaving there busch beer cans everywhere