Super Spey Daze w/Creekside Angling Co.

<h1><font color=000033><center>Dont Miss Creekside's Super Spey Daze</font></h1>

<h2><font color=660000>Saturday, December 1, 2007 9am - 4pm</h2>
<font color=black>On the Snoqualmie River in Fall City
Just downstream from the mouth of the Raging River

We've invited a host of casting professionals and instructors and gear reps
to participate in this day of on-the-water instruction, demos and seminars.

<b><u>Come give Spey Casting a try</U></b>
Check out the latest Rods, Reels and Lines<br>
<b><u>Learn to fish a Spey Rod....FREE!!,</u></b>
Get tips from the pros...fix your casting problems, try some different gear!

George Cook
Brian Styskal
Charles St. Pierre
Eric Neufeld
Brian 'Wombat' Kite
Craig Uher

And More crazy special suprise guest appearances....
I need some help on the location. I'm looking at a Yahoo map and I see Fall City and the Snoqualmie river but no Raging River. Where will the event be in relation to riverfront park?
Thanks for your interest. We will be continuing to hold instructional seminars on the river every couple of weeks- the next one will be Sunday, December 16th starting at 10am at the same location, which is right in downtown Fall City. Our events will be just upstream from the bridge over the Snoqualmie River in Fall City, so upstream and on the opposite bank from Riverfront Park- on the upstream side of the 202/203 junction. If you were to park in Fall city and just make your way to the river, you'd be hard pressed to miss us. Hope you can make it.