Ronde report!

Nate Dutton

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Well like i have said i went to the Ronde this weekend and to my displeasure i did not catch my first steelhead on the fly:beathead:bawling::mad::beer1::beer1: Swinging is a little harder than i once thought. It was a great start to the moring...We hiked to the first hole about 1/2 mile from the road, a long deep and slower hole. I think i hooked one fish in that hole but not 100% sure......about 75% sure it was a fish. Anyways same hole about 5 casts later my loop connector on my fly line snapped and i said bye bye to my new sink tip and loop connector. So that did not help things out at all. I had one smaller sinktip in my vest but it did not do much for me. So i went to nymphting. I was not really set up with a lot of good flies so again that wasn't productive. Went to a few more holes an again nothing. I was fishing with 5 other gear guys and they again didn't catch anything. So alas, I did not catch a steelhead on the fly.bawling: I am pretty discouraged because swinging was harder than i had originally thought. I guess it might help if i go down there with someone who actually knows what they are doing! ON the plus side enough whiskey was comsumed to make it a good trip:beer2::beer1::thumb: and there was some beautiful weather and was a few big bucks soo all in all not a bad trip!!! Would love to hear more reports from the weekend!!
I fished down at Shumaker's on Thurday evening and couldn't raise a single fish. Friday at Boggans and above and only had one hit, no positive hookup. Fished Saturday morning for 3 hours without a hit. Bill said that it has been fairly slow for Fly guys as of late, and the gear guys are doing a little better. I heard of 5 fish that were caught near the acclimation pond of Friday (all gear guys), so they are around.

I didn't have a thermometer, but I suspect that the river was down in the mid-fourties.

All-in-all, great weather and beautiful country-side around there.


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I was down at the mouth on Friday and the temperature was cold, like 42-43. So we moved to the Snake which was in the 50's and landed one around 15lbs.

Absolutely beautiful day and country!

I fished the mouth on Fri and Sat with a friend. I finally got into 2 beautiful bucks while nymphing. The great part is we followed baitcasters into the hole and caught what they couldn't....