Terrible Steelhead Video

James Mello

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Steve – Thanks for your reply. I realize that I live in the dry desert southwest and have to fish in the artificial San Juan trout waters, for artificial trout with my artificial friends. However, I do fully understand the issue – last of the wild steelhead. I just find most of the post to be emotional responses and some not very well thought out. I was only attempting to point out that there is a huge difference between opinions, feelings, legalities and how they combine to shape our personal ethics.
So at this point, can you concisely explain how you know about the steelhead issue? I personally find it hard to believe that a person living in NM with a cavalier attitude and feeling that the San Juan river is in any way equivalent to wild runs of indigenous fish can possible even fathom the issue at hand. The San Juan *is* an artificial system, and while it's nice and provides great habitat for fishing, it is exactly what Steve said it was artificial, and frankly an apples and oranges example.

Atlantic salmon definately are more of a reasonable comparison, and as has been stated before are only *starting* to be fishable again in Maine after decades of rehabilitation. Unfortunately the original genetics are all but gone, so their starting with some hatchery stock that will take generations to even come close to what was there before.

Also, as I said in a prior post, the ethics behind the law were clear, the implementation of the law on the other hand ended up giving people a legal "out" in respect to the "ethical" goal. I highly suggest you sit down and either write an email to Todd Ripley of the Wild Steelhead Coalition, or perhaps Smalma or Salmo_g on the board.

So I hope that – the folks posting on this thread “Keep the faith!” and spend as much energy changing the existing laws (constructive) - as they do bashing law abiding fishermen (not so good).

Your mileage may vary! Best of luck and good fishing.

Dan Bromley, The Strawstalker, NM
As much as you might not like it, peer pressure is a completely valid way of getting laws changed. As was stated before, the complaining about a video that's 5 years old probably wasn't the best. But at the very least keeping it up as an advertising video from a guide that professed a view orthoginal to wild fish harvest is hypocritical. This is precisely the crux of the matter, and is what most folks are honing in on. Granted some of this thread was misdirected, but as a whole the thread was one voicing displeasure of keeping a wild steelhead.

Finally, I really think you may want to learn more about the people that are speaking out on this issue. I *know* for a fact that Steve has turned down business from folks expressing any interest in wild steelhead harvest (Triggs, Bob Ball, etc too).

-- Cheers
-- James
How do we go about trying to get the regulations changed? Can someone in the 'know' provide an email address or form or something? Lets harness this energy!
there is a major cycle and a minor cycle. this year was a major cycle (as in major changes). next year will be a minor cycle (housekeeping issues so to speak). during major cycle years EVERYONE has the opportunity to submit as many proposals as they would like. some will make the cut, some will not.

for more inforation on this year's proposals. however it is too late to submit comments.


people need to join a worthy conservation organization who are in touch with what the WDFW is up to and people also need to take an initiative to figure out what is going on at the WDFW. just keep an eye on the site and send emails if you have questions. you may not always agree with their management practices but they will always answer your questions and most of the information that you will need will be on the site. dont rely on anyone else.

Gary Strassburg

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WOW, now about the "Deer Creek 7/8" rod........

see this is what everyone seems to miss. everyone is so afraid to keep a wild fish...BUT YET EVERYONE LOVES TO FISH FOR THEM! its a double standard that just doesnt make sence.

tell me this, what happens if you are fishing and hook a wild fish deep and its bleeding like a stuck pig??? will you release it? i highly dout it, that fish will just swim off and die anyway...if you do then you are no better then the people you are complaining about. in everyones eyes its so bad to keep wild fish, but yet 90% of everyone will hawl that fish out of the water for 20seconds to take a pic. sometimes multiple times to make sure they got the "right" shot then release it. what a joke.

im sure some of you that have posted here have been quilty of this. yet you all have the nerve to complain about a wild fish being kept.

the regs are in place to protect our wild fish, we are allowed to keep 1 a year in certain rivers. so in my book with the ammount of people who are anit-wild fish retention.the river systems that do have a wild fish retention can handle a few of these fish to be kept a year. heck some people will never catch a wild fish in their entire fishing life. and from what i have been reading on every fishing board i have been part of 90% of the people are against it...im not for it or against it. you can fish how you feel fit, but please keep it within the law.

practice what you preech...plain and simple.

now go catch some fish people, there is some serious relaxing that needs to be done.
Good post...

Intresting debate....
I thought the same exact thing. There are some here that are very passionate about the Wild Steelhead (or Wild fish in general). I have harvested Wild fish in the past but do not anymore... heck I even release most of the hatchery fish I catch as well. Depends if I want fish for dinner that night.

Sometimes the "passion" can cloud the thinking sometimes and have people taking an "all or nothing" stance on things.

I don't harvest Wild fish anymore... but am I going to email a guy after I watch a You-tube vid? No... am I going to walk up to a guy on the bank and tell him to make sure he releases a fish, or doesn't hold it out of the water? No... that could get a guy punched in the nose.

I am not promoting C&K... nor am I promoting C&R...

I'm just not gonna be a busybody about it.

Dunno... the debate will rage on I'm sure... :)