2007 Idaho hunt

Jake Bannon

nymphs for steelhead....
Me and my dad and a couple of close friends spend an annual week hunting whitetail bucks in the rut and it gets better every year except for the wolves they just get worse. Any ways for 7 days straight me and my dad had spent from daylight til dark out in the heavily timbered woods of Pierce, ID. We had tried various techniches: ratteling, grunting, and sitting on scrape lines. Days were getting numbered very shortly with seeing a fair amount of deer but no bucks.

Come the third to last day and lone doe steps out into a small cutline and shortly behind her a great big chocolate horned buck had stepped out of the thick brush, my dad soonly put his gun up and fired a shot at 35yds, sadly he had grazed the top of an unseen stump and the buck bolts. I would have taken a shot but due to the bordem of sitting on scrapes I was in nap mode:beathead:

Come second to last day I had pulled the trigger on a really big doe (we are more meat hunters than trohphy hunters) so my tag was filled. So the last 20min of light on the last evening of the hunt I had said a prayer that any deer would step out so I could see my dad in a good mood (he had been in depression because of all the big bucks in town on the back of quads). Suddenly he had caught a tiny bit of movement in the timber and instantly put his gun up and pulled off a very quick shot to the shoulder and down he went. It was a long night caping him out for the wall and quartering him up not to mention then packing him up on packboards 3 miles in a no quad zone. heres the pic.

Jake Bannon

nymphs for steelhead....
Thanks guys it will be a life long memory that I'll never forget and the best part about it is that I was fortunate to share the experiance with my father.



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Great animal. Thanks for sharing and good job on your doe, too. Nothing wrong with harvesting does and it's good for the herd.