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Went fishing yesterday and had a fine time. I had a pontoon boat, that I really like, but it was windy. As a pontoon boat is higher, it catches more wind. It also needs a pickup truck to tote. The float tubes all around me were moving at just the right speed for nymphing. Let me cut to the chase. I'm leaning toward a float tube for those hard to get to places, and I will be able to use the fuel efficient car to go fishing instead of the gas guzzling P/U. What kind should I get? I'm 6'0", 269 pounds and wear a size 46 belt. I would prefer two bladders. Just incase one goes flat. I don't want to, and can't pay, for the Super Fat Cat. I'm thinking of the Trout Unlimited BigHorn at Cabela's. I would appreciate any help from those with tubing experience.
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Joe, Aren't you a dry-sider too? Somewhere in the Spokane area? I noticed that Gart Sports is having a 40% off sale of the lowest marked price on all of their float tubes but the sale ends today! They have a fair selection and you might be able to find something that fits at a decent price. That being said, I have never seen the TU BigHorn boat but I did look at the TU Kennebec and Togiak and I hope those boats are not indicative of all the TU products. Both boats were selling for half price at the time and I thought they were overpriced even at that.
I have a Super Fat Cat arriving this week and yeah, it is a little spendy but hopefully will be the last one I ever have to buy. One thing to be aware of is the denier of the fabric that covers the boat-the higher the denier the higher the cost and the greater the resistance to puncture. Boats like the SFC have 1000 denier where it counts whereas many of the cheaper boats are covered with only 420 denier material. The lighter fabric doesn't hold stitching as well as the denser material and will fail at the seams earlier in it's life cycle. Even so a lower priced boat when properly cared for and not over inflated will last a long time and give you a great deal of pleasure. Time on the water is more important than what you are on the water with. Happy shopping, Ive
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be sure to get something that will keep you as high out of the water as possible. my tube has me sitting pretty low and it is hard to get any distance without flopping my line in the water on the back cast. im looking into a longer rod but still, i didnt really consider how important it would be and now i am kicking myself as well as hitting myself in the back of my head with my fly (not recommended by the way). another thing to think about is fins. you may already have good fins but if you dont, somewhere along the line you may want to purchase a set of high quality fins. my fins tire me out after a few hours. my next purchase after a new floating line system, new reel, new rod, rod holder, etc. etc. will be some force fins which are supposedly the best. i need a job...

I have my eyes on the Outcast Fish Cat 4 at Cabelas for $139. Basically like the Super Fat Cat...few less frills, but has the good valves. It looks like the seat in the cheaper one uses foam, not inflatable like the super fat cat. Ok by me...quicker to inflate and be fishing.

I'm going to pick up one for the times I don't want to haul the pontoon out...

Last year I hit Nunnally during a nasty Hurricane (those of you that fish these lakes know the winds that hit there in the eveings.) I had a &$^% of a time rowing back against the whitecaps. Guys with the tubes, went to shore and walked back. We ended up ditching the toons in the cat tails and returned for them in the morning after pleanty of beer and zzzzz.


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You can actually use a car to carry your pontoon boat. I just put a roof rack on my car to carry my 8' pontoon boat around. Works great and I can drive about 3 times as far on the same amount of gas I could with my truck. The only benifit of a truck is that it is easier to carry more that one boat and is a little easier to load. I don't know what type of car you have but I would imagine you could get something to work. I have a 4 dr honda with a bare roof, and use one of the yakima Q tower racks that clamps to the car.
I admit it looks kind of funny to see a honda with a pontoon boat on the top of it, but I'll be the one laughing when it's time to pull into the gas station.
Buck's Top Gun float tube is what I use, and I like it. They make two sizes,regular is 250# capacity and giant size witch is a 300# capacity. Bob Marriott's Flyfishing Store has them (800-535-6633).
Just saw the big horn on ebay for $85. The auction still has like five days left but maybe you can still get for cheaper than out of cabelas. :dunno


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I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

I use a pontoon boat also but I let the air out when I'm done fishing and pump it back up when I go out. I can pump up both pontoons in about 5 minutes. I use a colman rechargeable pump and then top it off with a hand pump. About two minutes a side and a couple of minutes time to attach the frame to the 'toons. No problem. I'm also on the big side and I feel that the pontoons keep my butt out of the water. Oh, I don't use a belt I use suspenders. Easier on the belly.


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Fish Cat by Outcast...

Is all I've used and its held up for four years now. I do have a rip in a seam under the seat but it is small and doesn't effect performance. I'm 6'2" 225 and can't complain about the tube. It keeps me out of the water and I can cast 35'.
It was pretty good fishing (besides the wind ;)). It was nice to meet you guys, and im definitely gonna try out that chamois. :thumb


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Thanks to all who offered input on my float tube decision. I found a tube at Black Sheep Sporting Goods in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho today. It's the Day Tripper made my Waterskeeter. I've seen it float 250 pounds with no air in the bladders, due to it's thick foam seat. I found it for $179 but I bought the last one. Taking it to Dry Fall on the 19th to get it wet. I can hardly wait. Look for a big guy with a BIG float tube, flip down magnifier glasses and all the wrong flies.
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I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

I was thinking about getting one of those also. And I'm on the big side also. Bare naked I hit 270,but I don't think you want to see me that way. I also have those glasses and the wrong flies. Hell we could be twins.:thumb :bawling :bawling