Flyfish steelhead (DD) a sponser now?


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I've noted Jeremy's connection to DD Flyfishing, but have also enjoyed his posts. He sounds like the kind of guy that you could PM and actually get a decent fishing report from. Good to have you here Jeremy.

hmmmmm, I noticed that too. Very interesting, yet his last name isn't Dickerson (sp). What do you have to day for yourself Mr. Not So Su......
Also you mention you took "looking at Dennis's record" into the mix when deciding to make him a sponser? What is going on here! Are you Dennis and Chris? :beathead:
I just noticed that Dennis Dickson's a new site sponser. I know folks have a love-hate relationship with him (either you really like him or really don't like him). I have never fished with him but I know he likes to mention his UW fisheries degree and has been a strong supporter of wild steelhead (and char too) release for a long time. I guess I'm kinda surprised that this topic hasn't been discussed yet or did I miss it?


Don't you also have a fisheries degree from UW?


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While Mr. DD is obviously a very good angler and talented teacher mark me down as a non-supporter.

While I think I'll take the high road here and not stoop to contributing to a bashing fest I'm evaluating with I want to continue to participate in further discussions here.

May the the New Year bring you all tight lines and pleasant days on the water.



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Edit: Good to see the growing sense of camaraderie in our community. Congrats to DD guides and WWF. Old stuff is water under the bridge and here's to new beginnings in 08!
Significant ethical questions have been leveled against this guide, repeatedly, over many years, without answers. While it is never too late to change, the questions have gone unanswered. Buyer beware.

How significant? Significant as say those against the Hazel(NUTS)?
Is Dennis Dickson legally a fishing guide for salmon in WA?

Not just a captain, but also has his WA guide license for salmon?

Jeremy Floyd

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As you can tell I have a vested interest in Dickson Flyfishing. All this Neah Bay stuff, up until yesterday was news to me.

I contacted Dennis and we talked about his involvement in the Neah Bay/ Sol Duc campout, at length.

I am probably not qualified to state his position on something that happened years ago, long before I ever came on the scene. In fact, I lived in California and was going to Humboldt State at this time.

I do know from the conversation that his intent was not to break the law, and that sometimes dealings you work out with locals, end up not working out the way intended. Those trips are not offered anymore.

Jeremy Floyd

fly fishing my way through life
I cannot actually tell you what license Dennis pays for because I have never asked him, but I have a guide commercial license for salmon.
I've fished with Dennis and Mike for several years and have also heard many impressions both good and somewhat negative, but most of these were from folks who hadn't actually fished with him. Yes, his extreme confidence, shall we say, sometimes rubs people the wrong way and is often misinterpreted, but he is extremely knowledgeable of both fishing and biology and cares about doing both expertly. And, not just having lots of knowledge and experience on the subjects we all care about, he also has and shares his passion for these pursuits with his clients which leads to good teaching. He is outspoken about that which he feels strongly about and I respect that.

Also, I fish spey in the winter as does Mike Dickson. Dennnis has no problem with it but does prefer the one-hander for reasons he hasn't shied from stating, which has seemingly offended some folks. We all have our reasons for liking to fish the way we fish.

I will also take the alleged high road with regard to Smalmo but there's more to that fuzzy picture than meets the eyes of the readers.

Regardless, sponsorship for the site is a great thing to do. Well done, Dennis et al.


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Yes, I also agree that is nice to see him as a sponsor. Both Dennis and Mike are great guys and guides, they have taught me quite a bit. Everything from being a good steward of the river (in many more aspects than the normal C&R debates), to fly fishing technique. Thanks to all the subscribers for the info over the years and have a happy 2008!:thumb: