Small Streams for trout.

Just started checking out this web site. It's really great to see the comments concernings the various fisheries. I was just curious though, I haven't seen much discussion on small streams. I live in Skagit County and do alot of fishing in the small waters of the Cascades. They require some effort and the fish always aren't real big, but I'd like to hear some other comments. Maybe Fly choice, techniques, and maybe even swap some stream locations. ;)

I live on the olympic peninsula and have fished several "small streams" on this side. I'm heading out to the North Fork of the skokomish river soon. I'll let you know how I do.

For patterns, I usually go with a parachute adams or elk hair caddis with either a bh prince dropper or bh gold ribbed hairs ear dropper. If I see a paticular hatch, I'll fish that but since these small streams generally receive light pressure, the fish are usually not very picky. If I come across a deep hole, I'll usually tie on a wooly bugger or some other streamer in the hopes of that elusive "hog".

The fish may be small, but they are usually willing to rise to a dry, feisty, and gorgeous. This is my favorite type of fishing by far.

Redgibber, you're right, this is a great site with lots of info and opinions. As for the small streams, I'm guessing this is partly to do with the time of year. A lot of the topics lately have been about the salt, big fishies, and big rivers. (Which is more than fine). Spring and summer conversations seemed to be keyed in a little more on the small streams and I assume you'll see the same pattern next year.
One of my favorite places to fish is the Snoqualmie, partly because it's so close to where I live, and I know there are a lot of others here who feel the same don't despair! :p


Have you ever tried Day creek or Finney creek. I haven't fished either creek lately. But I like to fish N/Fork of the Sauk when the water drops in the summer time. Lately I try to stay close to home so I don't have very far to drive. There are alot of small streams in the Marysville area. :)
I used to fish just below the upper bridge at the canyon outlet. Some huge, deep holes there. Efforts are now underway to restore this creek but to it's former splendor. Possibly someday the salmon and steelhead will return, and with them a few rainbows. The logging in the area really played hell on Finney, but you live and you learn. Thanks.

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The Deschutes down by Olympia, Yelm can be fun. It does hold some BIG cutthroat. if you are in that area, the Skookumchuck also has some nice spots. i used to fish Kennedy Creek (off 101 out of Olympia), but access can be difficult.


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Hey, Micro Brew,

I live in the Olympia area and fish the Deschutes weekly. I am about five minutes from Pioneer Park (home of the swimming dogs and inner-tubers) so I fish there most of the time. I also go up to the WeyerH land near Sorensen Road--LOVE that area. Any other good access points I should know about?

I tried to fish Kennedy Creek once, but the place I fished--right upstream from Old Olympic Hwy--was so overhung I scared all of the fish that may have been there when I snagged my flies on the overhanging bushes. But the river looks REALLY healthy. Lots of insect activity, so I know the stream has potential. Any ideas on other access points?

I could use some ideas on the Skookumchuck, also. Sorry to be asking for so much info and not offering any in return. I'd be glad to part with any information I have, if I have any of value.

Thanks for any info,