Swap spring streamer swap

mike doughty

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in preperation for the spring rainbow spawn and the fact that i want to get into more streamer fishing this year, anybody wanna get into this swap? 10-12 tiers, need to have at least a little tying experience. due to me march 1. not saying that the standard wooley bugger isn't welcome but would like to see a little variety.

clint f - recieved
wpeb - recieved
david dylan-in route
wayne jordan-recieved
islander - recieved
RDL - recieved
hedburner - recieved
daryle holmstrom - recieved


here is my address:

mike doughty
1186 w. 5525 s.
riverdale, ut. 84405
I'll get in on this. My first swap but been tying for a few years now.

I'm thinking I'll tie a sculpin of sorts.


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Like to get in on this, not sure what I'll tie, Ghost, Dace, maybe a synthetic baitfish imitation. but Streamers are a favorite:thumb: