Swap spring streamer swap

mike doughty

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mine are fricking done but bare with me cause i'm new to the whole wool head thing. hopefully they look better in the damn water. i should've just switched my pattern but this has caught me a few fish so to hell with it. sorry for the bad attitude, drinking partially cause of a woman.

mike doughty

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o.k. 4 weeks left to have flies to me. from here on out i will send a weekly reminder to make sure that nobody has forgotten about the swap. i haven't recieved anyone's yet except mine.

Zach M

Because I floss so hard
sent mine out but i just found the toe tags that i forgot to put on them hope that isnt a prblem. here is the recipe
Hook: Mustad size 8 nymph
Bead: gold
Thread black 6/0
Tail: sim-seal dubbing in yukon black
Body: sim-seal dubbing in yukon black