Swap spring streamer swap


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Still here, shouldn't be any problem getting flies to you by the deadline, I do quite a bit of swapping, just sent out 5 a few days ago, and have about 16 more on the table so sometimes I get pretty close to the deadlines but you will have them.
Hey Mike and all, I'm back in the house now after a chimney fire did a number on a part of the house. I started the streamers tonight. Should have them done and in the mail on Tuesday. Sorry for the delay, things have been pretty crazy.


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Mine make it yet, I think they should be there very soon if not already... I think I may have forgotten to toe tag them in my rush to get them on the way, sorry about that :beathead:

Here is what they look like just in case :hmmm:

mike doughty

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i have started to post the pics of the streamers i do have. there is a folder created for them in the swaps gallery as well. just waiting on david dalan's to get here then i'll ship them out. thanks everyone for participating. great looking flies.