Lake fishin’ dream stick?


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The shack nasties are setting in. Spokane is a very cold place in Janaury! I’m thinking ahead a couple months to working the weedy shoals with an olive bugger.

I use a five weight for the vast majority of my stillwater fishing. Over the years I’ve fished some really good ones. My favorite ever was a Sage SP. It was my first nice rod but I ended up selling it in grad school to finance a Loomis GLX, which I “needed” to contend with Wyoming winds. It was a good choice at the time but now that I’m back in WA I wish I still had that SP. A year ago my GLX was stolen out of a vehicle and now I fish a Winston Vapor, another nice stick, and a compromise between the buttery smoothness of the SP and rocket-launching ability of the GLX.

I’m thinking about picking up another 5 weight before the spring thaw and I want something more like the SP. I know there are options for getting one on Ebay or other used gear outlets. But I was wondering about other rods that I might not have considered. What do you suggest for something medium to med/fast that will be used primarily for casting intermediate lines to fat Spokane-area ‘bows?
For me, a 6 weight and a 4 weight was the answer. 6 weight for throwing streamers and when the probably of catching large fish is there. The 4 weight is for everything else. I find I can get a better presentation with a 4 than with a 5 and can perform as well as a 5 weight in almost every other capacity. Whenever I need distance, the wind comes in to play, big fish, big flies or double nymph rigs are employed- well, I take out the 6 weight.

My most used lake rods are a Scott G 4-weight and a TFO Ticr 6-weight with a fighting butt.
Agreed on the 4wt. for presentation.
I use a 4wt. VPS when I know its dries. A 6wt. when I know its streamers and a 5wt. when I don't know what I'll be up against.
As I am in Spoke we fish much of the same water, and I use a Loomis IMX 4wt that I wrapped for most of my fishing (chironos, nymphs, small buggers). I really love this rod. It isn't as fast as your GLX, so it might be similar to the Vapor, can't say though as I haven't fished one. But it is light and has a great feel. The IMX is only sold as a blank now so it might be something to consider either in the 4wt or 5wt if you want to wrap something yourself. Might also help cure the shack nasties. Let me know if you ever want to cast mine, I am on the n. side.
You might also consider the CPS. I have a 6wt and really like it as well.
Just some ideas.


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I fish a 7 wt Sage SP10 foot from my boat with 20 plus leaders. For casting long leaders and ease of pickup and hookset with a strike indicator this is deadly. Casting three flies or more in windy conditions is no problem. Plenty of backbone and stiff on the pickup. Not to sensitive, but who needs it under a strike-indicator? Sage rods , Ross reels, I have several....
Thanks all for your comments. My cash flow dried up but I put another rod up for trade and made a deal.

I am now in possession of a GLX 9' 4wt. I'll take it out for some lawn casting tomorrow afternoon. I'm going to try it out with a WF4 SA Trout Taper and WF5 Clear Camo line. Next will be a trip to Amber.



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If you go with a 10 footer, you can go down one size stillwater. So imagine playing an 18 inch brown on a 5wt but having the spine to cast bigger bugs like, or the distance of, a 6wt.
If you go with a 10 footer, you can go down one size stillwater. So imagine playing an 18 inch brown on a 5wt but having the spine to cast bigger bugs like, or the distance of, a 6wt.
Good insight. I personally would opt for a 9' 6" six wt. I have a Launch in that combo. Great rod, great price, all with Sage's awesome warranty.