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Any thoughts on Beulah spey rods? I am interested in their 8/9 weight 13'6" rod as a winter rod w/ a skagit line. This will be my second rod and I am overwhelmed by the prices of the top of the line models.
I've cast a bunch and like them a lot. THey are reviewed well by most accomplished spey casters I know.
You should also consider one of their elixer lines. I don't know what makes them special, but they cast extremely well. Someone with more technical info will have to give the lowdown.
Go for it.....if you need some info about the rods before you buy, give them a call and talk to Bruce. He is awesome dude on the phone, very very helpful. I called them today to talk about lining my new 6/7 switch I just got from them (I ended up getting an Elixer for spey, and will use an outbound for the salt) and we ended up bs'ing about fishing for over a half hour. I think I am going to build one of their 7/8 or 8/9 speys too. I have heard nothing but the best reviews about Beulah.
I really don't think you can go wrong with any of the Buelah rods.I had a cnance to cast the 12'6" 7/8wt. for an evening and got to fish the 10'6' 8/9wt. switch rod for a weekend.Both were amtched up with an Elixir line.Both rods were very to cast and fight fish on.


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Why not try a TFO Deer Creek or ECHO Dec Hogan in the same length/line area?

Ron at All About the Fly (a site sponor) in Monroe carries the TFO Deer Creeks (they run around $340.00). Heck, you could even get to cast one at Howard Miller on the Sky on Sundays when Ron has Mike Kinney (who helped design the Deer Creek series TFOs) there helping folks learn or improve their spey casting.

You also might want to check out the Cortland 2-handers (sell for about $200.00). Aaron has them and all you have to do to try one is go to his get together at the mouth of the Tolt River on Saturday mornings.

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Canyon – I am thinking along the same lines – the 13’6” Beulah. Here’s some information I’ve gathered but like you I’d be happy to hear from the more experienced.

I have a homebuilt Forecast 12’6” that matches up well with a 550 grain Rio Skagit line and 8 wt Rio sink tips. From what I’ve put together from this site and the SpeyPages, sounds like this line set-up will work nicely with the Beulah.

Santa also brought one of the 7/8 435 grain Exilir lines for my other homebuilt 11’6” Forecast. I am not an accomplished two handed caster but it is easier to cast than the 6/7/8 Rio Windcutter I had been using and doesn’t have all those loop to loop connections. I have also read that the Skagit lines are better with heavier sink tips than the Elixirs but again I’m no expert.

And let me second that Bruce at Beulah is a good guy to talk to. Keep us, or at least me, posted. Thanks.
-- Larry
I think Beulahs are the cats backside. I recently got a custom built 8/9 wt 13'6" spey originally as a backup, but this one's moving to the front row! I have it matched with both 550 and 650 Skagit lines and I think the 550 is the better way to go. I'm definitely still a newbie at spey casting, but this rod is sweet. I have it on authority that the design is from Bob Meiser with a slightly faster action than his MKS series. I have it set up with a size 5 Harris solitude reel and the balance is right on. I am jazzed about putting my time in with this set-up. :)
I personally have the 7/8 spey and cant say enough about it. I have spent quite some time with bruce berry and he is the MAN! I haved liked everything that I have cast from the 4/5 switch to the 8/9 spey and all in between including single handers. I must say though that I like the 7/8 more than the 8/9. beulah will probably be at the bellevue show and their rods should be on show sale for a reduced price. Oh yeah, don't buy the TFO, Beulah is the only company you need. It would be hard for me to buy anything but a beulah from now on.
I recently got a custom built 8/9 wt 13'6" spey originally as a backup, but this one's moving to the front row!
I think you sniped me for that rod on ebay!!! I remember your login name after i lost...i was soooo disapointed. Good on ya though :thumb: That is a beauty of a rod. I love the color of the blank and wraps. When I was talking to Bruce the other day, I mentioned it and he said he built that rod himself, so I am sure it is very nice. That rod inspired me to build my own and I think AATF has some of those blanks from that run there. Is it actually grey or more blue/grey color?

Anyway, good to here that rod casts well, now you have to break it in with some chrome. :)
Yes, we have a couple of each (the 7/8 and 8/9) Beulah blanks in stock. The blanks we have are more of a matte blue/grey color. They look good, but they are not the standard Beulah green.
I had a Beulah 5/6 switch rod, but I thought it was a bit too light for steelhead. It cast the Elixer and Vision Ace lines beautifully.
I had a St. John reel on it and liked that combination, but most guys would opt for something more modern.