Dry Falls report

Fished Dry Falls yesterday. The action was slower than last year because the tried and true deep water methods (full sink line with some leach/dragon fly) were not working during the middle of the day. There were three so-so chiro hatches. One at about 9:00 another at 12:00 ish and the last at dusk. I had my best luck fishing a hatching midg patteren in the surface film (Brian Chan pattern size 16 to 18). Got 2 browns and one bow of about 20-22 inches measured against my net. Two other fish of 14 and 16 inches and lost three others and got 5 nice strikes on the dry midg durng the evening hatch all of which I mised or lost. One of the fish I lost was a brown that took me nearly to my backing three times and made 4-5 other good runs (not to mention spinning the boat a few times.) I had it on for over 5 min. then looked over my sholder and said to a friend "(Man!!!! this is the best fight I have ....) bye bye fishy. Just that fight was worth the drive. Great day, little windy but not to bad, although I was surprised to see about 15 other people on the water midweek. Take a day off for some quite fishing and - oh well. :beer1


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ME TOO!!! Thanks for the report. I am excited about the free flies and lessons. I hope YT is giving more than just casting lessons :p

~Patrick ><>
Nice report. I'm hitting Lenore and Dry Falls this weekend with a couple buddies. I will post a report when I get back.

Too bad I a scheduled my Dry Falls trip this week instead of Team Rugged weekend but since April 19th is Easter weekend, I did not get my permission slip signed. .:beathead

I will try to train them trout for you guys as I will have my daytime Chronies and my evening DB Wabbit action going on in the moonlight hours.

Maybe we'll hook up at Grimes as I hit this every opener with some fellas and camp at Sardine Camp at the North end Jameson.:beer2