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I am looking for a Pontoon Boat I have never used one so I don’t know much about them. I will using it on lakes , rivers like the Yak and a little in the sound good weather only. I found this one at Costco (Colorado Pumpkin/Black Trout Unlimited Pontoon Boat) Would like to know if anyone has had any experience with it or know if it is good bad or would like to have your review on it . Thank you for your help. Or could you recommend one for me?
I don't have one yet BUT, I am going to replace my old Creek Company pontoon boat with one of the TU "toons form Costco this year. My feeling is, for $300 how the heck can you go wrong. If you find out it's not for you it really didn't cost that much. Get it!
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They have 2 models (possibly the same basic boat, just packaged\marketed differently) for $299.

Not sure how you can go wrong. Get one, if you decide you don't like it or it has a problem, just return it to the store, no questions asked, for a full refund.

For an entry level lake + river boat, it seems like a no brainer to me. I LOVE my FishCat 9-IR, but had this boat been available at the time of purchase, I may have bought it.


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I own a TU Colorado. It's a good boat. I've made a couple of trips daown the Yak in Oct. and it was easy to handle. I've also used on just about every lake in Kitsap County, as well as on the salt around Bremerton chasing Salmonids. It accomodates a small electric (Minnkota 65)and battery easily and tracks fairly well under power. Even though you sit fairly high out of the water it will move easily with fin power as well. I will usually take my fins along to keep position on stillwater and use the oars to do the main travel. Hope the info helps.
Had one and returned it after 3 trips with a leaky bladder. I've heard the same from many others. Good thing is cosco will take it back over and over. I have the fish cat and never had a problem. Sometimes a little extra cash is worth it in the long run. If you do go for cosco boat consider how you will transport it. I found it was not as easy as a standard 9' boat and it weight is a factor also, seems to be quite heavy for a boat of that size. It is also a wide boat which made me tinker with the idea of putting standing platform on it, which I bet it could handle. If so that would be a huge advantage considering to get a boat with a standing platform usually will run you around a grand min..
I'm on my second set of bladders and they have failed also. The right rear seam both times. These boats are distributed buy Classic Accessories and they have been willing to replace the bladders. Waiting for my new set now. I bought mine from Walmart on line. They wont help.

Now if I had gotten it from Costco I could return it without question. Maybe I'll buy another one if they carry them again.

Haven't had any problems with mine.....bought it last summer the first time I saw it at Costco. If you do have any problems, they'll take it right back. Great boat for the money.
Yes... good boat for the money... if you are willing to have to take it back for replacement every so often. A little more money and you wouldn't ever have to worry about it. Just my dumb ass opinion.
#10 has the $299.00 pontoon boat. Also if you have problems you can return it to the nearest Costco store.

These boats are put together by Classic Assessories in Kent, WA. I have the TU Colorado 9 but have had problems with the bladders. So far they have taken care of the problems.

Now if I had bought it from Costco I could just take it back.



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I have the TU, bought it at the swap meet two years ago for $125 bucks!
No problems with the bladders yet. I usually transport mine atop my Explorer, not to heavy to just hoist it up there.
I did store and transport it broken down too, the first year, but I keep it assembled and inflated now all the time, even while stored in the garage.
I'm happy with it, it's taken me down the Skagit, Sky, Yak and across a few lakes too. I up-graded the oars and have customised it a little for my own preferences.
Here's a pic of it from last years Yakima clean up trip.

For the guys that have floated theirs in the salt, how is the inside of the frame holding up against rust?

I bought a pontoon about 12 or 13 years ago, and decided on a Bucks Bag Bronco. The main reason I went with it was because it camewith a stainless steel frame. I also like the added strength of the stainless, since I am pushing 250#. I have had it in the sound, lakes, and on the yak. Now it has been hanging from the ceiling of my garage, and get used about once a year. I am usually in the drift boat.

Good luck with what ever you decide to buy.
3 years ago I was looking for a pontoon boat to supplement my float tube. Started checking E-Bay & Craigslist. Found a brand new Water Skeater Backwater for $350... Bought it, added a few accessories (anchor system, bicycle wheel, etc) & have been using it on stillwaters & rivers like the Yak. So far so good. It has stayed in good shape, handled all the waters I have wanted & felt stable floating rivers. There are a lot of good pontoons on the market, but take a look @ the Water Sheater. :beer2:
I took it back today. It really sucked, too loose on the frame, among other things. Full refund though!!!! yea costco!

if you like it call the manufacure and get the apron on the pic and in the manual(it is bigger) for FREE. This boat makes me never want to get one now......but i will try again.