old steelhead fly, half a rod, and a cat

so i was looking through some marabou steelhead flies that i was experimenting with and found a crappy one. being bored i took the bend and point of the hook off and tied a length of monofilament to the top half of a fishing rod that i had found. tied the marabou to the mono and right now i am casting to a cat that doesnt seem to get bored of it.
I do that, but it's when I'm practicing my castin on the lawn with a tuft of yarn. You gotta let 'em catch once in a while! It can go on for hours.


Pink string leech will get those cats a-jumpin. My GF has 2 that just go nuts for it. Leaping off the couch, etc. Sometimes I even get a run and a jump outta them.

Kinda fun when the rivers are flooded.