Classes in King Co.


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I'm taking the plunge. I bought a 2wt Sage blank from a guy on another board. I've been weighing the options between buying tools and materials, or taking a class which might provide the tools. Far and away, my first choice would be a class. Could very well be that I'll go headlong into this rod building thing and would have been better off buying my own tools. But there's an equally good chance that this could be my first and only project.

Is there anyone in King County who offers rod building classes? I know there's Greg's in Lake Stevens and AATF in Monroe. Angler's Workshop would be good, but they're in Woodland. I'm out in North Bend, so all those places are a bit of a drive. And, it sounds like a class will require several visits.

Another little wrinkle is that I'm building a relatively specialized rod with that 2 wt. Ideally I'd like a place that stocked less-ordinary components like, perhaps, a sliding-ring reel seat.

Any ideas?