Anyone planing on going fishing at this late hour

Well I am sure any and all you regular fishers are already out on the water swinging a rod. I am in the Gig Harbor area and being as I am bored I was looking for a fishing buddy. Not particular where I fish although I did check out a couple new spots yesterday at low tide and want to see how they produce.

Interested...? This is also partially to see how long it takes for a spur of the moment fishing trip to come together on this forum.


I can't actually fish today as my work has me on a tight leash. Might be able to scout out a spot later this afternoon if not too far away. I live in Gig Harbor and could certainly use a 'fishing buddy'. It is kind of random when I can go depending on my work and family schedule but I usually manage to get out once a week or so. Not quite sure how to do the PM thing.

Hey guys, yeah... I ended up heading out not too long after posting and had a awesome day out... but I didn't catch a thing. I am not sure if I used up all my luck quota on having great weather but the fish were definitely not hitting.

Thanks for the update on the Bremerton area Mike. I fished the narrows and Purdy areas and didn't see a thing. I know there have been some other threads that have expounded on this in greater detail. But I guess with the weather turning nice I am itching to get out there.

Mark and Nate, give me a buzz any time you are looking for a fishing buddy. So far I have been doing the solo thing. I have a crazy work schedule my self so many of the fishing trips are those taken on a whim but I am sure we can find times when its works with everyones schedule.


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I walked and fished the west narrows as well today with the same result. Would have taken you up on your offer, but I was trailed by my dog, wife, her friend and a combined 5 children. At least I didn't hook any of them.
Hey riseform,

Were you down there around 4:00 pm or so... because if you do I probably walked right past you... I got there about 3:45 and left at 5:00 or so.



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I think I got off the water just before 5:00, but I never saw another angler. I access the beach from a friend's house on the bluff.


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hey guys
saw a large sea lion at purdy yesterday morning working on something
fished it tonight
one tap
took the eyes off my shrimp pattern
no hook ups
anyone want to fish on sunday?
Saturday will be the first day I don't spend at work in 3 weeks... so I think I am heading out to fish the Narrows for a couple of hours in the morning.