Amber Report

Fished Amber today with meidger. Water temp was 40 degrees and slightly colored. West end was almost completely ice free, rest of lake is slush/ice. All fish were caught between depths of 4ft and 9ft. Had a great day with chironomids and blood worms. Mike tagged a few hogs...and I think I heard a few swear words under is breath also:rofl:
It will only get better if thats possible:thumb:
Yeah, John had them dialed in all day. And everyone out there was cussing him because he caught fish every couple of minutes. By the way, I killed 'em after you left John . And by killed 'em I mean they laughted hysterically at me for another hour or so before I left.
Great to be out again after almost 6 months without a fishy. Can't wait to catch a few more.
There are guys who fish from the launch all the time and catch fish. There is about 100 yards of bank that you can walk and cast. The rest of the bank is private property so a tube, toon, or other floatation device is require. But honestly, many fish have been caught right out in front of the launch...something to consider if you don't have something that floats.

Mike Cline

Fly Fishing Guerilla
Yeah when I was going to EWU and didn't have the funds for a tube or toons I used to fish off the launch all the time. It is definitely worth a try, I used to do pretty good that way.