A question about prams.

Jerry Daschofsky

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I have an old wooden 8' pram a buddy of mine is currently borrowing for his son to use. Will be getting it back in the next year or so. But I built it for river use actually. Great one man boat. Rowed well, tracked nice. Super stable. Has a rear anchor release. You didn't see alot of them, that's true. But where I used it, worked great (Wynoochee, Satsop).
my pram is a two piece,model that i built from plans at bateau.com,it's called the fb-11....it's 46lbs,when it's in pieces it packs quite well for a short distance....heres some pictures,i apologize they aren't the best to show the versatility,the good pictures i have i took on my 35mm



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I love my Hopper II, being I can run up to Pass lake, dolly it over from the truck and have it all set up in less than 5 minutes and on the water. Being able to eat lunch, have all your gear, pee and focus on fishing makes it all worthwhile. I love the stability and being able to stand and cast, works well when you're casting 20'+ leaders. Try casting that in a pontoon or a float tubes any considerable distance or being able to land a fish when your pop top indicator didn't pop. With an extended reach and a longer arm landing net I can stand up and do it all with ease. Yes, its heavier, but I feel safer and can carry extra gear, and not worry about dropping a rod from a float tube or pontoon. I've fished 2 ppl out of the 8' and it did fine, even with full gear. I've got a Minn Kota 40 lb thrust trolling motor that I would put on in B.C. to motor across to reach the furthest drop off points. I think this pram is rated for class 2 water. I probably won't run rivers with it, I'll save that for my Clack , but there is definitely a place if you can justify the space for a pram. I have two float tubes that I'll use IF I really have to but don't like being cold and taking a while to get to the other end of the lake. They rarely get used....

Jim Wheeler

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Well Ryan, I wouldn't buy anything from anybody that treated me that way either. Not wanting to take your order OR your money? Man, sounds like an ass to me. With that said my guess is that you talked to one of the many caregivers I had over the past 13 months to take care of our 14 yr old daughter while I was with her mom and my wife of almost 20 years, who was dignosed with a very aggressive Lymphoma back in March 2007. I have been by her side from the start of this nightmare and I have orders dating back to May 2007 and have only been able to build 2 boats since then. We have been in Seattle for her treatments since October and hope to be home in mid May at which time I can go back to building boats and catch up on a long backlog and start paying the medical bills. I think you will find from any of those waiting as well as those ordering boats now that I have been very appreciative of their order and their incredible patience throughout this ordeal. We haven't been around for 14 years and seen many companies come and go trying to compete with us by being nasty.

Jim Wheeler, owner
Spring Creek Prams

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Wow, it's amazing the sort of closeness you can achieve with a simple post. This is the second time I can recall a very personal post coming from a broadbased request of info. How do you balance life with fishing life?
wow jim,i hope your wife's condition works out for the better,what an ordeal!....our thoughts and prayers.....you build an amazing pram!

warm regards Bruce and family


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I have a Spring Creek pram and love it. After 10 years of float tubes, pontoon boats and the like, it is great to stretch my legs and be able to cast from the boat once in a while standing up. The ability to take a leak without going to shore is a huge plus on a larger lake.

Jim treated me very well, provided a great product at a fair price, and gave me a couple of flies to boot. It is well worth the wait.

I use a modified deer cart for transport. I got a heavy duty one, says it will hold 300lbs. Modified it a bit and the pram fits well. Strapped down I have taken it over a mile into a lake on a closed (to vehicle access) logging road. It worked much better than packing my pontoon boat did.