little lakes

hey guys im new to this forum put i have been fly fishing my hole life and im not a newbe to the sport but im in need of some help.

i like to fish the small lakes that hold alot of fish. i live on the westside of the mountains around the everett area. you guys got and sugjestions???
know how does this lake work is it open all year and like is it a beginner lake or like you know experence people like me and you fish there or is it just for the little guys
Small lakes that hold a lot of fish? I have always liked huge lakes with just a couple.

If you have been fishing your "hole" life seems like you should have plenty of places to fish. Seems a bit odd to ask for the "hole" enchilada on your second post. You might want to think about wading in instead of diving.

I would suggest using WDFW planting reports to find lakes in your area that contain lots of fish. After you find a couple try the Search function on this forum to find info on these lakes.

Ethan G.

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Small lakes with a lot of fish, you say? Hike up into the Olympic highcountry where small lakes abound with little brookies!
this guy is my fishin buddy, he's been fishin for a while but when we go im the one who figures out where we go, what flies to use, etc. so he has plenty of experience, but not as much knowledge.

hope this helps you guys answer his question
Are you asking for small lake because you need to fish from shore or do you have float tube?

If you are into hiking.....I would recommend a gazetteer and learning by experience. If you just want to catch fish look at the plant reports at the WDFW site.

It is difficult for people to give out small lake secrets. Once the word gets out on a small lake, it doesn't take much to destroy a good thing.

Jim Wallace

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It is difficult for people to give out small lake secrets. Once the word gets out on a small lake, it doesn't take much to destroy a good thing.
Spot on. I usually only talk about my favorite small lakes with the other anglers who already fish them. I'll share with one or two certain others who understand about not broadcasting secrets. Most lakes I big deal. But there are a couple small ones I just don't talk about, because I don't want to find someone else at my favorite spot. No, I don't want to share my best secret spots with anyone! :) That's being smart, not selfish.
:mad:I was wondering by the answers you have received on your post if the those folks are from some other state other the Washington like New York or are not very good sportsman Most Fisherman that I have grown up with in this state are friendly and helpful. Now that I am done with that there are lots of lakes that are stocked with fish and are full of fish for the first part of the year. ( go to the Wa. Fish and game site and will tell what is stocked and when. Also the is a few Books in the Liberty on Washington lakes that will tell you the size and what to expect to catch and when the best time to fish. Hope this helps.:confused:
Call the fish and game people. They know lots and can help you more than most people on here probably can. Of course depends who you talk to in either case. Many small lakes can be hard to find in this area, the logging roads are confusing and you have to think hard sometimes compared to driving to the shore. Some don't really have trails to them anymore and are rarely fished. There is so many out there you just have to start going out to the ones shown on the maps.

So, fish and game people, get the map book,, compass, be willing to waste some time. I figure you spent few days doing some searching you will find some good ones. Probably something some of us are fishing and not saying the name...

A bike will help you get around on those logging roads better in many cases.