Why would I buy an 8 weight for steelhead?

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Dam Zen that picture is ridiculous. :rofl: The belt buckle seals the deal. Now if only I knew as much as Ass clown. :rofl: I think I might go out and get a Sage 1wt rightnow and go hit the OP. :beathead: :thumb:


Hey you guys
Lovely picture Zen but I wouldn't even give this freak that much. There is no doubt that assclown is a product of parents eating way too much bottom fish in New York, although he is some funny shit and what better way to cap a Friday with a good laugh. Keep eating those tainted New York bottom fish asswipe.
Oh no, now I'm turning into one of the bandwagon morons. From now on I will only recite the party line. That's it for me people.
Dude we don't agree on anything around here, there is no bandwagon. If you spent 10 minutes actually reading posts and not ranting you would know that.

Actually the only thing we can agree on is that you eat your own turds ASSclown.

BTW, it is ironic hearing you say you struck a nerve with me, do you care to guess why?

Hint: check your own posts.

John Hicks

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Getting crazy
Leave it to the Germans to create shit like this. Ramstein, Hitler, and now tirant kid on meth. :thumb:
Wow, I got alot of garbage to reply to. Lets start with 1980, only one pound bigger then the fish in new york, That's what you Ace Swipers have been baseing your "my fish is bigger then yours" garbage about. Wow this site is educational. _ And spelling correctly is for old stinky English female dogs, not men or wannabee trout bums. _ And I don't care where they came from 200 million years ago from my fish come from newfoundland, I told you that. _ How old are you patriot, you don't seem clever enough to be that old(just based on your posts, I'm sure you are a real pleasure to talk to while you're at the fly shop getting trout bum ball sweat all over your chin. _ If you know the name of the man in the pic with the kitties you might as well just kill yourself. _ Mello, It's sad that I have to tell you this, but there is a thing called sarcasam, it's probably not spelled like I spell it cause I'm not an old English female Dog but you should look it up anyway. It comes in handy when you're conversing with others. _ Zen, I'm the guy in the background of my pic fishing for washington steelhead. _ Adfluvial? are you some kind of biologist or something, Do you wear a pocket protector on the streams? You're right though, all these weaklings need Giant rods to pull in fish and the nerdiest person on this website uses a five weight, See morons, I told ya so. _ And Zen, why are you posting pics of dudes, Is there a reason that this guy is on your hard drive, do you stare into his eyes at night, naked hoping that he has a big Washington(only one pound bigger then NY) steelhead in his pants? Is that your deal. Cause it seems like it is. You just seem like that kind of guy to me. I don't think I have even one picture of a strange man anywhere on my computer. If I do I think I'm going to do some deleting. Not posting them on fishing threads. Is this how gays are comeing out now. On fishing forums. What is the world coming to. And this thread started out as serious as any thread. But all I got was the party line and "duh, my fish is bigger then yours, duh", Actually there were some educational posts. More duhs though. So It's one pound and some change huh, not much bigger _ Better rethink some things Washington.

Nick Riggs

I've been known to fish from time to time...
Sickclown, you know that if the New York fish was a pound bigger than ours you'd be all over telling us how retarded we are because your fish are, in fact, bigger.

Steven Green

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How old are you patriot, you don't seem clever enough to be that old(just based on your posts, I'm sure you are a real pleasure to talk to while you're at the fly shop getting trout bum ball sweat all over your chin.

It just gets better and better.

So after your mommy picks you up from school be sure to tell her how well you did on your 5th grade pop quiz :thumb:

P.S. Thats is a nice belt buckle you got there clown :rofl:
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