LL Bean Stripping Baskets

On a similar vein, I've seen upside-down styrofoam egg cartons in the bottom of a home-made stripping basket. easily replacable when they get torn up. The paper ones don't work for obvious reasons...

Bob Triggs

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I use a rubbermaid dishpan and an old used bungee cord.
Total cost was under $3.00 about 12 years ago.
Thousands of fish ago...
I found some 2" plastic corn-on-the-cob holders at a grocery store. and glued & screwed 4 of them to the bottom of my rubbermaid basket. They seem to work better than the zip-ties, which soften up over time.

The store-bought baskets are undoubtedly better.

Wow, now thats being creative there Tom! Heh, I'm gonna start looking around the house to see what I can use for cones in my home-joby stripper basket.

Humm, wonder if my kids old bottle nipples would work?

Yeah, thats it..:rolleyes:

Richard E

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check out above.

Some people make them out of rubber maid and use 6 or so pieces of 150lb mono as the cones. They tied them through the drilled hole and glued them in place...looked very effective.
I used to have a Rubbermaid bucket, with that model of cones in it, and they worked great. Someone else I don't know now has my bucket, and I can't find those cones anywhere so I can make a replacement bucket.

I miss that bucket. bawling:
I checked out the link. The cone module looks like the one formerly sold by Art's N Flies on the internet. I've been writing them every couple of months since last summer, but so far, the cones are still out of production.. I think they said they'd switched the main component from plastic to non-obtanium or something.
I ended up getting a stripping basket from this website, mainly because I couldn't get the unobtanium cones from Arts 'n Flies:


I have the one with 4 cones, works better than either of my homemade (zip ties, mono) baskets but line occasionally gets caught around the square base of the cones.

Jim Wallace

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I ran into a fly fisher on the Jetty yesterday, and this motivated me into finishing my latest experimental homemade basket.
I used a CLEAR plastic Rubbermaid container so that i can see my feet thru the bottom. This clear plastic is brittle compared to the opaque, so care must be taken when drilling it.
I used large zipties for the "line management spikes" and drilled two holes for each one, about a half inch apart. I used a bit that made a snug hole to pull the ties thru.
I made three rows of spikes, three spikes in each of the outer rows, and four in the middle row, to get an alternating pattern. Then i cut them off with nippers to what looked like the right length.
I drilled a couple of holes for the strap, which I tore off an old life vest i found on the beach.
It took me about 20 minutes to do all this.
Now I can still see my feet when I'm on the jetty rocks.
I have to go test it very soon.
Graham, thanks for the link to the cone dealer. The photo on the website shows the green basket from the top, so I can't tell how deep it is. How well the basket itself fits your waist and the depth would probably influence whether I were to buy their pre-made or get my own (possibly clear) Rubbermaid. Seems like a bead of clear ATV silicon around the base of the cones would eliminate your snagging on the edges and nuts.

I should have said that the photos are a little misleading. The one I ended up with was similar the green one with 4 cones on this page:


but this is what I ordered:

Stripping Basket with Ket 00011 $24.95

The white basket I received is about 14" X 13" X 7" deep. I had expected to receive the one shown on this page with 5 cones:


Suggest you phone them to make sure you know what you'll be receiving.

And thanks for the suggestion on silicone bead around the base.

Ed Call

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Cones? I recommend checking out your favorite fabric store. Locate the sewing section and find some nylon thread that comes on plastic cone shaped bobbins. They vary in height depending on how much line they come on. You can find some great deals for like a buck a spool. Take them home, break out your drill and an old line spool and remove the nylon. This works well if you will use the thread for tying flies, building rods or other such projects and you get the cones. I have a half dozen that I'm unspooling currently to add to the bottom of my rubbermaid kidney shaped laundry basket stripping basket. If you guys say cones work, I'll add cones. I'd like to shoot more line, those pesky fish always know just how far I can reach and they hammer the bait fish about 15' out of reach. Recommendations on better shooting slicker lines also welcome!


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i have not used one those baskets. question, dont they bang against you with the water and waves moving? how much better is your casting with one? and do they collect seaweed and stuff?
thanks for any response.


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Stripping baskets work great. No problem with them banging against you with the wave action. Around here, you really don't need to wade that deep anyway for fishing the beaches.
They'll help increase your casting distance and eliminate seaweed and other debris from fouling your line.

As far as the LL Bean baskets go, I found a few willing sellers.

Ed Call

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After reading this thread and searching I have modified my already home engineered stripping basket. It started as a kidney shaped laundry basket. The rolled upper frame had cracked and it pinched when carrying laundry, so the wife designated it for assignment...it's making a revival after some garage engineering.

I did not think that I had enough thread spool cones so I considered the zip tie fingers. The smallest ones I had were too flimsy and the larger ones seemed excessivly long and wasteful to cut them down. I did happen to have some interesting devices that I once acquired for FREE to use to add color to molten snowboard repair patch material...I happened to have some left in black, blue and my preferred color choice for this project...white. Since I had drilled pairs of holes for the zip ties I used one of each pair for these plastic fingers. They are stiff, tapered in shape and once I added a dab of epoxy to the bottom (from the underside of the basket) I'm sure they will stay well and be servicable.

I added a rubberized trim to the sides and part that will be rubbing my waders as I cut off the cracked upper frame to keep it from snagging my waders and also to reduce its volume by shortening its height. I also added a belt, an old wading belt, to secure it and have garage tested it in this version on my belly and on my right hip (bass ackwards right hand stripping retriever).

If this photo loads, here it is. All in all, since the basket, belt, rubber trim and plastic fingers were all sunk costs (prevously purchased for other reasons) or free it cost me just the time and epoxy. Total cost to reproduce this in the same or fairly similar fashion would be about $20 for the basket, belt, buckle, top trim to prevent abraision to your $$$ waders, plastic fingers and epoxy. Should anyone want one built, let me know...maybe I can assist you.