NFR: Shed Hunting?

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Here in Montana they open up lands for the gathering of these antlers. They know where the Elk winter so they also know where they shed their antlers. I was up in the Highlands about a week ago and came across a herd of Elk but they were all anterless.

There is this guy who lives in Harpster, ID. His name is Lyle and I believe there is a picture of him in Zen's gallery. He is a shed hunter jedi.

Its somewhat easy to find sheds around Harpster only if you have perms to horn hunt on private land. I have rancher friends that have in the past given me permission to horn hunt in the valley's along the grade and have amassed quite a collection. I saw a large cougar the last time I was around that area.
2 weeks ago a lot of bulls were still packing in the blues in s.e. wa.
i have had success with moose paddles on roads that are closed to vehicle access if the timber around is very thick. between the snow and thick vegetation, the moose use the roads to travel. we found the sheds of 4 different bulls within 200 yards of each other last year all on a road where no vehicles had been all winter.


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Try bedding areas. Thick brush and draws, South facing. As mentioned glassing beforehand works too. Can't tell you the number of times walked through an area and have not seen sheds . Go back next time and very visible. Kind of a "zen" thing to finding sheds
My wife and I have found quite a lot this year.
I was horse back riding down at Mount St. Helens on Friday and saw several big bulls that still had there horns. Maybe this weird winter weather has something to with it. also, we saw 4 decomposing elk that must've got tired walking through all of that mudflow area.