Amber Lake report 4/19

Friday I made the trip from my dorm in Pullman to my uncle’s place in Spokane. Spent the night and on Saturday made it out to Amber about mid day with my uncle and cousin. My uncle and I started out using chironomids while my cousin retrieved an olive woolly bugger. We did that for awhile but didn’t get a thing at any of the spots. My cousin finally hooked into one that was 19 inches over to the left of that new plastic dock that has been put in. About a half an hour later my uncle switched to a damsel and I switched to a black and olive wooly bugger. I got one that was 13 inches (my uncle bought the measure net so all of these measurements are accurate). Then my uncle brought one in using a black wooly bugger, 13 inches as well. On our way out my uncle caught a 19 incher by the boat launch. The weather cooperated, it wasn’t too windy had a few snowflakes. Over all it wasn’t the greatest day of fishing but it was my first time out this year and its always great to get together with family and still catch a fish!