Buck's Bags does it again!!!

Sometimes we hear too much of the negative and not enough of the positive, so I just wanted to give well deserved kudo's to Buck's Bags.

I just got off the phone with Buck's service department regarding some repairs on my boat (one probably my fault, the other DEFINITELY my fault), and I have to say I was blown away by their customer service. I am paying a little bit, okay a very little bit, for the repairs, but that was mostly at my insistence.

More importantly, the tone of the conversation was very upbeat and some of the things they offered to do for the nominal fee I'm paying were above and beyond anything I needed or expected.

For anyone wondering whether their boats are worth the money, I can only say without a doubt. Not only do they make a great quality product, they stand behind it and their customers. My son will be ready for his own boat soon and it will certainly be a Buck's.

Way to go Buck's Bags!!!

No affiliation - just a very satisfied customer.

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
Great to hear

Most of the better quality makers have policies like that. The top of the line makers (have only seen like 1-3 of these boats out there, most have outcast, bucks, and such) have a super policy. My tubes on my cataraft have passed expiration on warranty. Was told that all I had to do is send them back at my cost (which I'd have to do within warranty too) and they'd recondition for free. Not bad. But they were one of the first makers of catarafts back in the 80's (Aire company). Most companies like Wing, Maravia, Sotar, Skookum, and the likes have extremely good warranties, and will normally do work to boats for nearly free. Great to see the mid level companies doing the same.