Show me your driftboat interiors and anchor systems

I'm building a drift boat and I'm to the point where I need to be at least thinking about both the interior layout and what kind of anchor system I'm going to install and if/how I need to modify the boat construction to make these setups work.

The thing is I don't exactly live in drift boat country here where the boat mantra is if you can't backtroll with it, it isn't a boat. Bottom line is I haven't and won't be seeing a lot of examples that I can glean ideas from.

My boat is a 14.5 Ozark style (low sided) and it has quite a bit less rocker compared to your western styles because we don't have near the whitewater here and the rivers tend to run lower in the summer.

So, I'm looking for pictures that show good:

- Interior layouts. Mainly I'm wondering if I should just put a single pedestal seat in the front and then a bench seat for the rower, then another bench seat right at the transom? The boat isn't wide enough to have two anglers up front anyway, but would a front seat passenger on a pedestal seat block the view of the rower too much such that a bench seat is a better idea?

Any other thoughts or tips you can share as far as love it / wish I'd done it layout stuff?

- Anchor systems. Basically I need good pics to give me ideas because I've never seen details of how these work and are installed. The catalogs just show the hardware, but I'd like to see how the rope is routed and so on. Also, do most systems have a crank to pull up the anchor?




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Grouse, there are two basic systems for you to consider. One has the anchor coming right off the stern of the boat, the other is actually attached to the side of the boat. Basic difference is the pulley system (and where the line runs) which raises/lowers the anchor.

A quick observation on the pulley system: Your anchor (I'll assume lead here) should have a single 'block' pulley on its connector. Anchor line is attached (solid) to the hanger, down through the anchor block, then back up, etc. Takes far less effort to pull up 25#'s of lead than a straight run down to the anchor.

As to what the 'options' look like, hit the Clakacraft and Willie Boat web sites. You should find examples of both (as well as the ability to buy).