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My local PO delivered the package today, they definitely put the Pony back in Express, I'll get to work on these soon as I figure up a workable fish catcher. Thanks for letting me in on this one :thumb:
Just a quick update...

Troutbuster, your beetles arrived safe and sound.

RDL, glad you finallay got the hair.

Looks like the rest of you are off to a great start. Remember the flies are due to me by the 20th of June.

I am taking a short vactaion back to Maine and I will be back on the 12th. I will check the site for updates while I am back east (except on the 4th as will be in Fenway watching the BoSox)



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Have fun in Maine. i love it back there. Where are you headed?
Got my flies done and will try to make sure i get them in the mail tomorrow.

Mike Etgen

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How did you luck out and get Sox tickets? Saw the Rays, I see...great game! Who would have ever guess that a series with Tampa would have been such a big deal. I hope the whole family has had a great time. you must be getting in on the east coast heat wave I read and saw about over the weekend.

Have six flies tied. Sure did a lot of experimentation before falling back on something fairly ordinary but reliable, but also have some ideas of my own to try out on the water later.

This was a good idea.
Flies go in the mail in the AM. Like Mike, I fell back on a fairly reliable pattern with a bit of material adjustment. Hope everyone likes buzzers.