Swap I'll send you the special material swap


I have confirmation that the last set of flies is in route to NM. Once they arrive I will try to turn them around in less than 12 hours.

Trust me, they will be worth the wait.

I appreciate your patience.


Mike Etgen

Not Quite A Luddite, But Can See One From Here
Thanks for the update, Warren. No worries on the time.

Likewise, Warren - no worries here. Heck, I never thought about how much work it would be to host a swap. Where do you find the time - between long vacations to the east coast and extensive travel out into the Jemez? ;)

The pics are in the gallery for your viewing pleasure. My photography is mediocre at best so I won't be offended if someone adds higher quality pictures after they receive the flies.

Thanks to all who participated, we are lucky to have some pretty creative tiers who used this unique hair.

Please let me know when you recieve your flies.



Ron, Thanks for the extras, small soft hackles rock!

Man, some of the folks got real creative. I got the buzzer (chironomid) idea stuck in my head and had to tie that.

Glad you like the little soft hackles. They are from around 1830 or so and fish well. I've been tying a lot of UK flies lately, figuring our trout haven't seen many of them yet.


Mike Etgen

Not Quite A Luddite, But Can See One From Here
Just took a look at the collection. I'm amazed at some of the ideas, and jazzed about putting some to work, and some to copy, or both. Hope some of the other members take a look at these...the creativity is amazing.
Thanks again for your effort, Warren.

Mike Etgen

Not Quite A Luddite, But Can See One From Here
Inexplicably, my set arrived a day later than Ron's. What with the holiday weekend, I just didn't get on line much over the last few days and hadn't acknowledged receipt, but wanted to say that you guys all did a great job and they all look like winners to me.

As REE said, thanks to Warren for the idea and for all the work that went into the swap.