"Little D"

Fished the Deschutes yesterday and the cutts were active. When I arrived, I noticed lots of rises and a pretty good hatch was on and it was a classic case of trying to thread my tippet through the eye a parachute adams while trying to contain my excitement. Finally got the fly on and had some decent success. Most of the fish were on the small side but did land a couple of 11-12" fish on a size 12 adams. Great fun on the 3wt. I bought a ketchum release tool last summer and really like using that - with a barbless hook, it is very easy to release the fish with minimal handling.



Thanks for the report Eric, I've been wanting to get down there and try the little d, maybe tomorrow. If I go, don't the regs say I have to stay above Tumwater? What time where you there?
Yes, it is closed "from 400' below the lowest Tumwater falls" according to the regs so as long as you are "upstream from the Henderson Blvd. bridge near Pioneer Park", you should be good. I fished from 2:30 - 3:30 pm yesterday.

Good luck

Thanks for your report.

I plan to stop by the Little D when my buddy and I go down fishing on the middle to upper reach of the D on Memorialday Weekend. Are there many good accesses and wading waters on the Little D? Also, would you give me the information of effective flies and such?

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On my first trip to the little D yesterday, I found a couple nice riffle, run, tailout sections about a mile or two upstream from Tumwater. As for effective flies, as long as the water stays relatively low and clear, I don't think it really matters what you drift over their heads as long as its small and on a long drag-free drift. The cutts aren't too picky. I caught quite a few little cutts on a size 18 parachute adams and a 16 bwo cripple.
Indeed, 6X is right on. I have found that raising your rod tip at the end of the drift and then skating a caddis or adams along the surface can be effective.

Good luck
I fished the Little D the two previous weekends. I'm a little farther up the river up by clear lake. I have had luck on nymphing a bead head prince, 12-14 adams dry, and a natural/white double bunny, stripping the heck out of it!

They would go for almost anything dry once. They I had to change to get them to look at it again.

Last summer when it got warm I was using 18-22 drys and doing well, although they were smaller fish.

It is crazy how much the river has changed with all the flooding since last summer. Lots of deep pools, log jams and re-routing.



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I mentioned in this forum once before that the fly shop that used to be in Tumwater had a nice crib sheet about the little D. It listed fly patterns and seasons for them and had a map of the access locations (no secret spots). I don't think it's copyrighted, so if I can find that, maybe Chris would scan it into a section of this site since the same questions are asked each year. I know I have it in a file around here somewhere.

I would love to see that crib sheet! I hope you can find it. I have been searching the map and finding little access points in the past few weeks. Pattern suggestions and access info would be so sweet to compare against what I have found bashing around in the brush by myself.
Tom Bolender who also ran the Fishy Business shop in Olympia was one of the orignal guys at Streamside in Tumwater who put out that crib sheet. I still have a beat up copy. Although both those shops are gone, Tom still has a website: http://www.fishybusinessoly.com/
Don't know if he could help with the original copy for the crib sheet.
-- Larry
Thank you all for your advice.
Sounds like a fun river to fish.
I just happened to start learning how to tie Adams and BWO, so it's really exciting to imagine all the agressive Cutt rising for a dry fly I tied (even though I still suck at it).

Well, I got out last evening and caught my first "little D" cutthroat. I saw some leaping fish and other action and managed to get a 8" fish to hand. What a fun after work experience. I can't wait to explore the area a little further.
I can't help but go poke around. I went out to Pioneer Pk at lunch and the water looks higher and a little murkier. I was hoping to see some BWO's hatching but no such luck. Good luck this weekend.