"Sickle hooks?"


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A lot of the sickles hooks on the market are really fine wire and you can have bend out issues on larger fish. The ones carried by rvrfshr are what you want if you buy some. Their 90 degree 1/16 oz jig heads are xx wire on a size 2 hook. Perfect for tossing on a bug rod with a floating line and indicator.
RVRFSHR also has great customer service.


I haven't tied with them so don't know how they'd ride as a traditional steelhead pattern. I'd bet they would work great as a clouser type hook but wonder how they'd handle the salt.

Might have to experiment now that you have me thinking about it.

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I've only used them on articulated leeches. I wouldn't exactly call that "tying". Used the sickle octopus exclusively this winter for gear fishing and was impressed.