5wt vs 4wt

I have been looking to buy a new rod for a couple months. I was just about to run down to the local store (Creekside Angling) and buy a new 5wt rod. When I got to thinking. I have a 7wt rod why don't I get a 4wt rod instead.

So here's my question to you all, should I get a 4wt for trout rivers/streams with the knowledge that I can just grab my 7wt if I go to a big river?
Buy a 5wt like I originally planned.

Thanks in advance
Comprimise and buy a Fast 4 WT or a Med action 5 wt. The 5 wt will be cheaper.
I said five weight because in my opinion it is the most versatile rod out there. I started with an 8, then picked up a 9'6" 5wt TFO pro which is sort of a medium fast action and works well for pretty much everything. I have fished everything from dries to big streamers for cutthroat to big leeches on bigger rivers for summer steelies. It is a damn good all round rod. Of course, I have the disease, so now I have a 3,4,5,6,8 and spey and switch rods. If I had to get rid of all my other light rods to just keep one it would be the 5.
IMO..the 5wt is better suited for all around PNW streams and lakes... more versatility for whatever you may run into. Like someone else posted above i also like to do the every other size thing... i have a 5,7,and 9wt... guess my next rod will be a 3wt for those smaller streams and apline lakes.
have you bought one yet?

the 5wt is much more effective tool for a variety of reasons
streamers, nymphs, wind, long cast, power, mending, sink lines & still water
they are also great dry fly fishing

the 5wt will do the fishing ideal for a 4wt
but the 4wt can't handle the work needed of a 5wt

i would even suggest you look into a 9ft 6in 5wt

as suggested above, you can get a 5wt with 4wt finesse
such as the winston b2x or a scott g2, Loop Opti
i own a b2x, but now prefer my sage rods

if i could buy any 5wt, it woudl be down to 2 rods
1. Orvis Helios
2. Winston B2mx

here is a suggestion: check out the gear program on wff.com and try a couple rods out
A 5wt will fish more waters/conditons effectively but if you're mostly going to fish small rivers/creeks than a 4wt would be a lot more fun to have. But the 5 may be the best to get out of the blocks and it'll be just a matter of time before you get a 4wt (and others as you never have the right rod for the conditions you'll eventually encounter somewhere or you'll target a new species. You always need yet another rod....it's a weakness).
I have 3WT and 5WT and they work great! 5WT is simply an amazing all around rod...I would definately go with the 5WT, IMO. The 3WT is sweet for smaller fish up around the MFS and fishing the Pratt and Taylor Rivers and lowland lakes. The 5 is even sufficient enough when it comes to saltwater SRCs, which is nice. I'm not a fan of that 6WT stuff for smaller trout 10-15." Just my .02! Good luck bud!! :thumb:



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I tried out a FLI 5wt and really liked it but I also used a VT2 and I have been having a hard time deciding between the two I am paying close attention to the FLI thread. It’s more of if I get the FLI I can spend more on the reel so I was thinking of heading that route. We will see...

I don't think I want to go longer then a 9ft rod since I mainly wade fish rivers where the trees like to hang over the shore I was even considering a 8ft 6in.

I will be picking up a 5wt but now have to decide how much I want to spend and what I want to buy. That $600 tax stimulus check will come in handy.
I'm not sure if there are any opportunties of this sort available for graphite rods, but my personal rod which I use is a bamboo 2 piece/2 tip 4 or 5 wt. I made one tip a 4 wt dry fly tip, and on the second tip beefed it up a little making it suitable for a 5 wt line and able to play a little stronger fish or throw heavier bugs.

I would imagine some graphite companies offer something like this. It makes a rod that much more versatile.


I have a faster graphite 4 and a medium-slow 7 and love them as my two rods. I would however love to fill in all the gaps obviously, but you know how the money thing goes.
My two cents are just as most of the others. I have lots of rods and some I am trying to sell. My main choice is a 10' 5wt TFO. I also have a TFO 9.5' 5wt (for sale) which I do love. It hooked me a 6lb chinook on the Yak and played it darn well. The five weight seems to be more versitle. I can put a four on it to be delicate or hit a six clouser to punch into the canyon winds. It allows me to fish a 22 trico to a #4 bead head stone. I like the length of the 10' for mending and high stickin'. I have even used the 5wt for low water steelhead with a caddis skating on the surface. Talk about crap your pants when it rises. When it comes to smaller streams than out comes the 3wt. Again I could step that up to a 4wt if needed. So why go for a 4wt.