here we go...steelhead in 5 days


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Joe, Clearwater is 2.5 hours--- about the same for the methow. I grew up in portland where I could fish about 15 different rivers and creeks within the same distance. I could also choose between 5 rivers after work in the summer from Downtown Portland. Just a little difference..... just a little.

Jake Bannon

nymphs for steelhead....
I'll be on my fav stream on the 1st at 0 dark 30, Im not saying where but if you see an older 16ft white koffler with a burgandy stripe say hi.

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It looks like you all will be fishing for them mud fish the way the rivers are now. But name calling???????????

I thought that you all had grown up by now. But I guess I was wrong.


David Dalan

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Can't we all get along? Pan does seem a wee bit bitter. But he is right...Idaho has long ago said goodbye to it's early season steelhead.

However I think that if I wanted to have choice steelhead water within easy reach the Snake drainage would still be high on my list. While snake river drainage chrome is a myth, I can find metal from August to April on a fly. That's pretty good IMO, and the summer fish can rip you a new one. Not hot like a 6-AM-Run-to-the-river-in-july-first-cast-equals-a-hookup-chrome-Rierter-brat, but pretty good anyway.

If it were up to me (and I could stand leaving where I live now) I would definitely get closer to the ********* and ***** Rivers. It would have me also near the ********* and ********* rivers for Coho and Redbands respectively.