First fish in the salt! ever!!!

Connor H

Bobbers n Beadz
today at around 3 o'clock, I went to my grandpa's house on the water on puget sound on the fox island side of Gig harbor. my grandpa passed away last wednesday morning while I was at school.bawling:
I got to his house to see my grandma and decided to go walk on the beach. after seeing a few baitfish jump out of the water after being chased by something(SRC or silver probably) I ran back to the car and grabbed my streamer box, 5 weight, and stripping basket. I met a lady who knew my grandpa for a long time adn went walking with her. about 400 yards down the beach from his bulkhead I decided to stop and take a few casts. still talking I strat to strip my 1\0 chartreuse clouser minnow back to me and I feel a great SLAM!!! against my line and it starts to swim sideways! I yell FISH ON! and start to reel the fish back in. It jumps a few time before I can land it it the net but it was cool to watch! I ended up with my first saltwater fish in my life and it was a 10 inch cuttie! it was small but fought like a sum btch!!! really fun and exciting fish and I think i'll start getting more into it now that i know there's hope! thanks for all your guys help on this forum for the saltwater tips and tricks!:beer2:

Randy Lindahl

Paintin' or Fishin'
Wow!... what a story and thanks for sharing it with us. I am very sorry about the loss of your grandfather and I am very certain he would have been proud of you.
See you on the beach...Randy