Swap Two fly October caddis swap

fly punk

lunatic trout bum
Alright, let's do an October caddis swap. Two flies per tier, a subsurface (larva or emerger) and a dry. How about 8 to 10 tiers and a deadline of July 10. We'll have them well before they start popping. I know the fishing is picking up but it's only a handful of flies, should be no problem.

1-fly punk---done
2-nick riggs
3-twin lakes-----recieved
9-Ron McNeal-----recieved
Glad to see you in this one Larry. We need 5 more!!! I may just need to tie another pattern or 2 while i wait & give them away for a bonus fly!!!


Zach M

Because I floss so hard
hey i have tied caddis but im not sure what color i should do my dries in. Can anyone tell me a good color?