Swap Two fly October caddis swap


"Chasing Riseforms"

I'm ALIVE. My flies should be in the mail no later than tommorow morning!! Sorry I needed the time. My old back went out and I have been suffering for a while here. Just now recovering and am getting happy again. :) It's been hard "sitting" at the fly tying desk!

fly punk

lunatic trout bum
Just recieved larry's flies. DAMN!! We better step it up. They are nice. Still waiting on a couple of ya. Couple of days left. :thumb:

fly punk

lunatic trout bum
All right boys. time to pay the piper. Deadline is up. just got Ron's flies. They are the S**t. Looking GREAT. Still waiting on Nick and Zach.

Zach M

Because I floss so hard
finally was able to get some hooks today. sorry i dont live that close to any fly shops. i should have them out very soon
I would give them until the 17th, if they are not in the mail, then call it!!! My goodness, the deadline was the 10th & that gave everyone 6 WEEKS to tie 20 flies. Are you kidding me??


Nick Riggs

I've been known to fish from time to time...
I tied Bill McMillan's Steelhead Caddis for my dry, and a pattern inspired by a fly that Sixfinger tied a while back for my nymph. There's no excuse for my lateness, and I won't try to make any. All I can say is that I hope you enjoy the flies. Feel free to mail mine a month late to repay me.