Any one tie a japanese skeleton shrimp pattern?

Hi, I've noticed these funny little, but creepy shrimp out working the last few days around the North Hood Canal and I was wondering if anybody has tried to imitate them for cutties and Coho. With their numbers they would have to be a staple for these fish!

Thanks, Jimmy Z
someone had some pictures in the gallery a few days ago of some small transparent shrimp with black eyes. you might look for those photos to see if they are one and the same.


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I have been playing with clear larva lace on shrimp patterns lately and have turned out a few that look close to your picture.I have have any photos of the patterns but I just tie a short marabou tail for movement,a good base of floss eyes and then wrap the larva lace over the body.The only tough part is getting the Larva Lace into the correct body shape but I thought they looked pretty sexy when their done right.


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San Juan shrimp under an indicator. You'll get bored REALLY fast, but it's good for a couple laughs to watch a big ol' indicator dunk a couple times.


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Those are a type of gammarid amphipod, called a caprellid. They can be really thick on eelgrass blades with the right current; many are planktivores. They are pretty tenacious in holding onto eelgrass blades with their lower legs and I'm not sure how important they are in the diet of cutthroat. I'm sure they occur in their diets, but I would be surprised in the quantity was very high. When caprellids do get dislodged, they alternate drifting and spasmodic twitching as they try to run into something to hold onto.