Best steelhead town..


Hey, Fred, does Deadford still have the "Big Y"?
Sorry Kerry, your post slide right under my radar. I think the answer is 'yes,' but get me back in context. If you're talking about the intersection of 'old 99/Riverside/etc., all that's been ripped up and it's now a 6-7 lane road. Only place you'll be the 5th car (this is our version of a traffic jam in the largest City in the southern half of Oregon) -at a stop light- is the 1 mile stretch from I-5 to Costco.


PS: it's no longer called "Deadford," new name is "Dreadford.":thumb:

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I don't know about Forks. Obviously those are some great rivers, but pressure has been rising exponentially the last couple years and the rivers out there are out of shape alot of the time. Also, the summer run options are fairly paltry out on the coast...and you have to live in forks. I would say portland personally or another town in the willamette valley. Oregon Coast, Deschutes, umpqua, Lower Columbia Tribs...thats alot of options year round.



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Let's see from Portland for a day trip:

Clack, Eagle creek, Sandy, Molalla, N. and S Santiams, Big D, Klick, Hood, Wilson, The Nestucca, Necanacum, Salmonberry, and many other coastals. Willamette, Columbia, Cowlitz and other SW Washington rivers........ the list goes on, and this is just what you can do in the morning and make it home for dinner. There are so many options that it becomes dilemma in just deciding where to go. I don't know any place that has that many locations so close, with a variety of runs throughout the year.


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As far as centrally located, I'd say Aberdeen. Check out all the rivers you can hit within a couple of hours drive north, south and east of there.
Sadly, economics has prevented me from spending stream time around Terrace and Smithers, B. C. But I've flown in and out of them, and my reaction to both was "I didn't realize that Shangri-La has an airport!" (Smithers might be more popular if its name didn't sound like a middle school Vice Principal/history teacher.)

I'd like to see a sub-thread: Terrace or Smithers: Which is closer to a steelheader's heaven on earth?